Dr. Vergel Lattimore , President , will lead Holy Communion Chapel Worship at HTS on September 1 and 5, with meditation topic – “Hope Dealers.” On September 6 and 7, he will participate in the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) Commission Task Force on the Redevelopment of the Standards, Pittsburgh, PA.

Dr. Lattimore will participate (with Dr. Clay Barrow) in the 2018 Educational Models and Practices Innovation Grant Forum sponsored by ATS, Pittsburgh, PA. He will also offer the opening prayer for one of the two plenary sessions.

President Lattimore will be the guest teacher for the All Men's Bible Class at First Presbyterian Church, Salisbury, NC, on September 23. On September 27-28, he wi ll attend the coordination meeting of the six Historically Black Theological Schools (HBTS) presidents sponsored by InTrust for Theological Education, in Philadelphia, PA.