Prestige Team Fights Against Coronavirus
March 20,2020 | Series 5
Be “In the Know”
How is COVID-19 Treated?
There is currently no specific treatment for COVID-19 infection. Supportive measures are recommended depending on the type and severity of the symptoms. Guidelines are as follows:

  •  Contact a doctor (and follow the doctors’ orders)
  • Follow isolation precautions
  • Monitor for symptoms
  • Contact a doctor (and follow the doctors’ orders)
  • Follow isolation precautions
  • Monitor for worsening symptoms. The CDC reports “some observations suggest that respiratory symptoms may worsen in the second week of illness”
  • Get plenty of rest and fluid
  • Tylenol or Motrin can ease discomfort associated with mild, cold-like symptoms.
  • Get emergency help for difficulty breathing.
  • Hospitalization is likely required.
  • Follow isolation precautions.
  • Life-saving measures are required at this stage.
  • Isolation precaution remains.

“The life you save might be yours”
Telehealth - How does it work?
Prestige Behavioral Health offers web-based video counseling using a computer or portable device (tablet, smartphone) with webcam, microphone, and speakers. Prestige utilize HIPPA compliance video conferencing software for all patient encounters.Counseling can be done with individuals, couples, and/or families in their home or other agreed-upon location—depending on what is most appropriate and determined by the regulations of the state in which you are located.

Telehealth Benefits

Prestige Healthcare Resources Tele-health services allows:

  • Continual patients’ engagement,
  • Drives positive behavior,
  • Enables timely clinical intervention for effective chronic disease management.
  • Patients to manage their own conditions at home with immediate access to our provider either through schedule session or on demand. 
  • Telehealth allows our providers to monitor and engage with high-risk patients.
  • Patient too report monitoring data and connect with our care coordinator.
What Prestige is Doing
Prestige takes proactive approach in combating and containing Coronavirus crisis. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life to the population we serve and that of our employee.

Below are few steps taken so far…. 

1.At Our Facility Front Desk
  • Everyone (consumers, visitors, staff) must wipe hands with sanitizer 
  • Clean sign-in tablet every two hours and as needed 
  • Wipe desk every 2 hours
  • If anyone is coughing/sneezing etc. check temperature (placed at the front desk) 
  • Wipe door handle to the main office every two hours and as needed 
  • End of day: spray front desk, chairs etc. with Clorox 

2.Individual Office 
  • Wipe down desk after every visit 
  • Wipe door knob every two hours and as needed 
  • At the ed of the day, wipe all surfaces and doorknob 

3.In the Community:
  • All our Community Support workers, Therapists, Nursing assistant and, Case managers. 
  • Must Clean hands with hand sanitizer after every patient encounter 
  • Must Clean car door with disposable sanitizer as needed 

4.Nursing Team: 
  • Must Report all symptomatic consumers, visitors and staff to nurse 
  • Must Perform thorough assessment, and 
  • Triage as needed  
Local Agencies & Resources