Every purchase of reclaimed antique lumber from the Jarmak Corporation
reduces the effects of global warming.

Every piece of wood that we recycle saves another tree from being cut down in
its forest.

One tree absorbs 2000 pounds of carbon dioxide in a 40 year period.

Reducing our carbon footprint is all about maintaining our sustainability
on this planet.

The young man hugging the tree is my grandson, West.

His generation and all generations following, your grandkids and mine,
and their children, face the daunting task of sustaining the planet for
human habitation and well-being.

To this end, Jarmak Corp, the leading supplier of reclaimed wood in
the United States, thanks all our customers for helping to save our forests, and for
making this a better world, a healthier place for our kids and grandkids.

Hug a tree.

Arnold Jarmak,  President

Saving pilings from Boston Harbor
Boston Harbor Oak

Reclaimed Boston Harbor Oak installed at 101 Seaport Boulevard
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