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Temptation, Repentance, and Healing

by Nancy McCulley

Read Matthew4

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So, you had a bad day, huh? How about a little perspective: Matthew 4:2 says Jesus hasn’t eaten for 40 days and 40 nights. And if that’s not bad enough, now he has the devil tempting him to turn stones to bread, to throw himself off a cliff and save himself, and to trade his soul for all the possessions in the world. What?


It can feel impossible to overcome our daily temptations. But if we remember the enormity of Jesus’s temptations, we might just be motivated enough to say no to that new iPhone, to another piece of pie, or to comment on the office gossip. We often don’t.


Jesus went on to preach to many, many people (likely traveling on foot!) He could have told them anything, but he emphasized, “Repent.” His words were so compelling that Peter, Andrew, James, and John dropped everything—leaving their work behind—to follow Him. They began to continue the call to others (fishing for men) using the word “repent” as bait. Eternal life in exchange seems like a pretty good deal.


And then, Jesus heals. Again, many, many people were cured of ailments both physical and mental, which astonished the crowds and proved that He has unheard-of power. But more importantly, he showed by example the power of asking forgiveness for falling to temptation and the grace that follows repentance.


So, how’s your day going so far? Tempted? Ask forgiveness. Repent. And be healed.                  


Guardian of us all,

Send Your Holy Spirit to guide us through temptation. Thank you for the gift of repentance, which offers us hope for our wounded souls. Help us to be examples of your healing love.