When I first started into music ministry, I did what a lot of us do. Record things in your basement, hope they sound decent, improve, and repeat. I still have copies of my first CD, and it definitely sounds like my first CD. Several years later, Stephen and I met, and his work was exceptional. He was the one who introduced me to Creative Soul Records where I did two albums and really learned a lot about the songwriting and recording process. He remains a good friend to this day, though we don't see each other as ministry takes us in different directions.
In the world of WELS musicians, I don't think you will find a more accomplished songwriter. Like the Jason Gray's and Sara Groves and Andrew Petersons of the CCM world, Stephen represents some of the most thought filled songwriting in our community of original WELS songwriters. With a voice that's as relaxed and soulful as James Taylor, Stephen's music is a sort of grace of its own and a blessing to just spend time with.
He also does something that requires many miracles, traveling with his entire family around the country. From meals to home school to laundry and the financing of a ministry, he and his wife do it all, and work extremely hard to keep it together. You can read about their lives on the road with their travel blog and get a small peak into their lives. I hope you can take a little time and enjoy some of Stephen's Christian encouragement through his music and ministry. Check him out online - www.stephenbautistamusic.com