The Member Newsletter
October 2021
"I bought my car from a vending machine"
Caitlin Murner carvana
Yes. Really. That's exactly what Caitlin Murner didwith the help of 1st Cooperative Loan Officer John Middleton.

"I never thought I would use a service like Carvana where you buy your vehicle completely online because it seemed way too good to be true," said Caitin. "After having friends use the service, I thought I would give it a try, and I'm so glad that I did."

Once Caitlin found her car she reached out to John at the credit union. "He responded immediately, which I was thankful for because I could only reserve the vehicle for 30 minutes.

With her loan approved, Caitlin picked up her car from a Carvana vending machine in Charlotte.

"I am very pleased with the whole experience," said Caitlin. Also, thank you John at 1st Cooperative for making the whole process so smooth and easy for me during my loan process."

Whether you want to buy a car from a vending machine or a traditional dealer, 1st Cooperative can help. Give John a call at 803-796-0234

Pictured above: Caitlin Murner poses in front of Carvana's vending machine in Charlotte.
Holiday Helper is on the way
Holiday Helper
All that money you've saved for the holidays will be deposited into your 1st Cooperative savings or checking account on November 1 if you've been saving in a Holiday Helper Account.

Didn't plan ahead? Open a Holiday Helper Account now and join the happy planners who get that welcome transfer on November 1, 2022. Meanwhile, if you've been saving this year, look forward to next month.

The Holiday Helper and Vacation savings accounts are easy, convenient and painless ways to save for special occasions. Make deposits when you wish or set up automatic transfers from another account, and your money will transfer to the account of your choice on November 1.

For immediate access to your money, make sure you open a 1st Freedom or 1st Choice checking account and get a free debit card.

Want your money transferred to another financial institution? Contact the credit union on November 1 at 803-796-0234 or complete the online form that will be available at
Can I still be a member if I leave the co-op?
Credit union members sometimes ask whether they can keep their accounts if they stop being employed by an electric cooperative.

The simple answer is, yes.

Sure, 1st Cooperative Federal Credit Union is a pretty exclusive club, available only to co-op employees and their extended families. Once you’ve joined, however, you’re part of the family as long as you wish to be. In other words: Once a member always a member. Even after you’ve left electric cooperative employment, your family members can still join—including your grandparents, parents, children, grandchildren, spouse, siblings, and in-laws.

“We encourage every employee and trustee to join now, while you’re associated with the co-op,” said Karen Keisler, 1st Cooperative’s member service representative. “That way, you’ll always have access to the credit union’s services, even if you don’t have a specific need right now.”