October 2022

Weinberg Alumni Mission Project Unveiled!
As part of the Weinberg Foundation’s 2022 Israel Mission Alumni Tour, Art with a Heart designed and created three mosaic sculptures in collaboration with Alumni Tour participants and hundreds of community stakeholders in both Baltimore and Ashkelon. The three sculptures tell the story of Israel’s past, present and future. The sculptures were revealed on October 27th in Ashkelon, Israel to hundreds of guests including Weinberg Alumni Tour participants, Amigour residents and community volunteers from both Baltimore and Ashkelon. Thank you to Art with a Heart's collaborative partners: The Harry and Jeannette Weinberg Foundation, The Jewish Agency for Israel, The Baltimore Ashkelon Partnership and Amigour. Not only did we build three beautiful sculptures, but the Art with a Heart team forged meaningful and life long friendships with community members across the ocean. To see and learn more about the project, you can view the reveal video here.
Holiday Open House
Save the date! Join Art with a Heart for its annual Holiday Open House on December 10th from 2pm to 5pm! Enjoy seasonal treats while shopping for unique and handmade art gifts for the holidays!
Art with a Heart in-school and out-of-school time programs are in full swing. Students in Art with a Heart classes are practicing a full range of abilities, including fine motor skills with paper mosaics and collages, scissor skills, and problem solving. For example, students in Art with a Heart's Science Outside the Lines program in collaboration with Project Bridge and Henderson Hopkins School, learned about CRISPR and worked in groups to create their own puzzle designs. The scholars at Lillie May Carroll Jackson School honed their painting skills and techniques, creating colorful and abstract compositions on canvas. As the school year continues, we cannot wait to see these budding artists hone their art skills and develop a passion for creative expression!
Your Support Matters!
There are many ways to support Art with a Heart. Please consider a tax-deductible gift through one of the following giving methods:

Art with a Heart relies on the generous support of donors to meet our mission and we are grateful for each and every gift.
Community Service and Public Art
Art with a Heart was thrilled to begin a mural project this month with the Laburt Improvement Community Association. While volunteers began working on mosaics in the Art with a Heart office, interns primed the exterior wall in the Laburt Mosher neighborhood. Once the priming was complete, community members along with residents of the Tuerk House started painting and stenciling images on wall. Other community members enjoyed learning to mosaic and worked on large flowers that will embellish the mural's painted elements.

Also, if you are at the Cross Street Market, check out the latest crab collaboration with Charm City Crab Art. It's a beautiful representation of all things Baltimore and the awesome food and drink available at the market.
Art of Leadership
This month, Art of Leadership met to view and discuss the 2018 documentary Charm City with the community activists featured in the film- Mr. C, Ms. Dee, and Mr. Walker from the Rose Street Community Center. Students held insightful conversations about challenges in Baltimore such as gun violence, police distrust, and disenfranchised communities, and how they as leaders can advocate for and support the city and its residents.
Later in the month, students traveled to North Bay for a fantastic fall retreat! Leaders examined their personal leadership skills, challenged their communication and strategy skills, rode the zip line and giant swing, enjoyed a beach bonfire, affirmed each other's strengths and valued qualities, and much more. Students agreed that the best part of the trip was getting to know each other on a deeper level and building their community bond, and relaxing and laughing together.

HeARTwares has been bustling with activity as our interns prepare for the upcoming holiday season with new product development and creating samples for our fall programs.
We are thrilled to welcome back several of our summer HeARTworks graduates as apprentices for the fall/winter season. The selected graduates exemplify dedication, creativity, leadership, and a positive work ethic throughout their time with us.
The HeARTworks program is back at the Claremont School for weekly programming, providing both an engaging marketable art curriculum and job readiness lessons. During the month of October, students created paintbrush people, recycling unusable brushes to create a collaborative art piece.
Special Projects
Students at Sharp-Leadenhall Elementary/Middle School worked with Art with a Heart during a residency to create a picnic diorama completely out of ceramics. Sharp-Leadenhall serves young people with elevated emotional and behavioral needs, and Art with a Heart provided them with a safe and exciting creative programming opportunity. The diorama is installed in a display case in the school, complete with a plethora of ceramic meals, desserts, drinks, butterflies, flowers, imaginative critters, and even a sun and clouds! Art with a Heart will be returning for three more residencies over the course of the 2022-2023 school year. 
Thank You Volunteers!
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