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November 5, 2020

The C in Chicago Stands For CARPLS
Thanksgiving is still a few weeks away, but we already feel immense gratitude when we think about our staff, boards, donors, volunteers, community partners, and especially our clients, who help us remember everyday why we do what we do. A client recently left a review saying:

"I called CARPLS when I was dealing with an unfortunate housing/rental situation. I was soon on the phone, talking with an attorney who listened to my problem in depth. After providing initial support, he helped me find a simple solution that I wouldn't have been able to find through my Internet searches. I'm so grateful to CARPLS for giving me a solution to my stressful housing issue. I would recommend calling CARPLS for any relevant issues you might have. They truly want to help and serve our community."

We are all so thankful to be able to help people at this great time of need, but we still need your investment to ensure that they can access our help.

Ten percent of Illinoisans are unemployed; more than 20 million U.S. renters cannot pay their rent; more than 35,000 debt collection cases have been filed in Cook County since August; divorce is up 34% over last year; and domestic violence is up 20%. This is only a snapshot of what's happening to our community. The truth is, things are about to get much worse when moratoria end and people are forced to represent themselves in court on evictions, collection judgments, and more.

Our country is facing peril with the pandemic and the economic effects. Now is the time, more than ever, to invest in our work.

In response to community needs, we have expanded our services to the entire legal aid network to provide:

  • Uninterrupted hotline services to people in need and instituted virtual visits to our advice desks;
  • Benny, the Illinois unemployment benefits virtual assistant at;
  • A historic cannabis expungement portal for Illinoisans that will launch this month to help them move their lives forward;
  • Statewide COVID-19 response efforts that will launch this month;
  • More programs in the works to meet our clients' needs

It's so important to come together. Your support at any level ensures that we have the resources to create a single network capable of responding to everyone's needs.  

Thank you,
Al Schwartz
CARPLS Executive Director
Pat Wrona
CARPLS Legal Director
CARPLS Expands Services,
Including For Unemployment
We are leading the charge in building a stronger legal aid network in Illinois to streamline and bring clients specialized services they need immediately.

Benny is one of many programs in the pipeline to create this network. If you know someone who is having trouble applying for or obtaining unemployment in Illinois, please direct them to Benny!
CARPLS Helps Client Avoid Foreclosure
Emilio, a veteran, called CARPLS in a panic when he lost his job due to COVID-19 and was about to lose his home. Our attorney explained his mortgage forbearance options and guided him through the process. Emilio said, “When my call ended, I felt a peace of mind and knew what I needed to do to move forward.”

People are reaching out to CARPLS attorneys all the time to ask which bill to pay first to preserve their homes—as credit and precious resources are running out. We are helping people weigh their options to stay as safe as possible.
Happy Veterans Day on November 11
Please share our IL-AFLAN (Illinois Armed Forces Legal Aid Network) Hotline for veterans, service members and their families! Assistance is available at (855) 425-3526.

The VA is also helping veterans deal with race-based stress. Read more about the program here!
Register For Our CLE On December 4!
This one hour CLE presented by CARPLS Legal Aid will explore:

  • The legal aid landscape in the greater Chicagoland area;
  • The role of CARPLS Legal Aid and brief legal services is serving low income clients;
  • What clients get legal aid and unfortunately who does not;
  • How the COVID pandemic has affected clients, legal aid organizations and their work;
  • The expected "wave" of COVID related legal issues that is coming soon;
  • How the legal aid community is rallying to address the ongoing crisis;
  • What you can do as a pro bono attorney to help address this coming need.

The session objective is to increase the lawyer's understanding of the need for legal aid in Illinois, how CARPLS Legal Aid is addressing that need, and the importance of pro bono volunteering especially during the COVID pandemic.

CARPLS has applied for 1 hour of Illinois professional responsibility course credit for this CLE session.
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