November 2018
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Yes, imagine more....imagine communities with more connections, collaborations, and cooperation. Imagine more color, more joy and more hope.

Yet, how does someone imagine more for themselves, their families, their community and beyond, if they have not seen more? For too many of our Baltimore neighbors, the idea of imagining more is next to impossible. 

Art with a Heart makes "more" possible. Through our educational and creative visual art programs, children, youth and adults are introduced, to skills, concepts, people and places that they had not known or experienced. All of the Art with a Heart programs elevate the individual participants and leave them with more---more fundamental art skills, more academic engagement, more confidence, more tolerance, more civic engagement, more trust, and more hope.

And we need you...more!

Your support will help Art with a Heart continue the work of fueling our students imaginations, offering creative and new ways of thinking, sparking individuals and communities into action, reducing barriers to participation and bridging gaps in understanding.  Click here to donate.

Join us as Floors, Etc. Hosts Benefit for Art with a Heartfloors

Charm City Screening at Art with a Heartcharm

On November 27th, Art with a Heart held a screening of the documentary,  Charm City . "Charm City delivers a candid portrait of citizens, police, community advocates, and government officials on the frontlines during three years of unparalleled, escalating violence in Baltimore. The film highlights the positive actions undertaken by groups and individuals, optimistically offering  humanity as common ground." Guests  were moved and inspired by the film and were delighted to meet and engage with several of the subjects including, Alex Long of Safe Streets, Clayton Guyton (Mr. C) of the Rose Street Community Center and Officer Eric Winston. 

McHenry Eagle PrideMcHenry

Students in Art with a Heart classes in kindergarten through eighth grade at  James McHenry Elementary Middle School created a collaborative art piece using anti-bullying slogans, themes and mantras for inspiration. Each student decorated a feather to add to the eagle's plumage which serves to encourage, motivate and promote a positive school environment.

Halloween Mask-querade at House of Ruth  HouseOfRuth

Students in Art with a Heart classes at the House of Ruth were excited to learn about Dia de los Muertos, All Souls Day and traditional Mexican calaveras, or skulls. With some practice, the students created designs on their calavera masks and embellished them with colorful details.   
Trees of LifeTreeOfLife

Students in Art with a Heart classes at Glenmount Elementary Middle School learned about Gustav Klimt's famous painting "The Tree of Life." The sixth grade students explored line, color, texture and symbolism as their branches were made to twist and twirl towards the sky to represent life's complexity. These whimsical trees were brought to life using paint and oil pastels.   
Art History gets SPOOKY!Spooky

Art with a Heart students at the Hampden Family Center learned about German landscape painter Casper David Freidrich. Studying the painting "Abbey in an Oak Forest," students created their own spooky landscapes that captured Freidrich's unique use of light. Each student designed their own "spooky" house, trees and used a resist technique to create the bright moon in the background.

marionMarion House Mural Takes Flight

Through a year-long collaboration with Marion House, Art with a Heart worked with the residents, staff and volunteers to create a 38'x40' painted mural with 13 mosaicked bird embellishments.    
Art with a Heart is grateful for the time and talent of the following volunteers during the month of November: BBYO Achot, B-More Engaged, Gemilut Hasadim, HeARThelpers, Inspired Women's Project #70 Strong, Shevet Achim (school twinning program) educators from Ashkelon, IsraelTLC lacrosse group, Towson's Tigers Serving Others, Towson's University Student Council on Family Relations (TUSCFR), and Under Armour
Meet the Artists and Purchase Your Holiday Gifts! MeetArtists

HeARTworks students from Youth Empowered Society, City Neighbors High School, and Cristo Rey Jesuit High School have been busy creating one-of-a-kind holiday products for  HeARTwares, Art with a Heart's social enterprise/retail store. Come shop Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm and weekends from 12pm to 5pm. From gorgeous jewelry, mosaic decor, and ceramic planters, there is a meaningful and special gift for everyone on your list.
Art with a Heart 2019 Desk Calendars Have Arrived!Calendar

The moment everyone has been waiting for...Art with a Heart's 2019 desk calendar will be on sale starting December 2nd! Each month features artwork by Art with a Heart's talented students. At $15 each or 2 for $25, it's the perfect gift for everyone on your list!
Leaders Build CommunityLeaders

Immersed in the beauty of the fall, Art with a Heart's, Art of Leadership students spent the first weekend of November at a retreat at North Bay Adventure. Leaders defined community norms, honed in on their leadership styles, defeated each other in games of Gaga, screamed on the "Giant Swing" and practiced mindfulness during a guided walk on the beach overlooking the Chesapeake Bay. Above all, leaders did the tough, and priceless work of expressing the challenges they face in their personal lives and of sharing their diverse strengths. They built a community that will authentically support each other in their leadership work- now and through the rest of their lives. Look out world!