Fall 2017 - In This Issue:

"I am thankful for Highfields for giving me time to get my mind right, and helping my mind shine bright,"

- Bry'Kel,  Student
"Things I Am Thankful For"

Dacorius is a student involved in Highfields' music program. Watch him perform his original song, "Letter To My Mom" at our Strengthening Families Breakfast.

Things I Am Thankful For

Bry'Kel shared his poem "Things I Am Thankful For" at Highfields' Thanksgiving Dinner. The lyrics and rhymes are inspired by his work in the music program. 

   I am thankful for the birds that fly and even the darkness that clouds the skies, for this darkness opens my eyes and the birds free my mind.
   I am also thankful for the teachers that always tried, even though they knew I always lied, and my mother who always cried and never lied.
   I am thankful for my brothers who always gave me good times, and my sisters who loved me through the times that I cried.

"I want to be just like you!"hobbs

   When you grow up around drugs, crime, and violence, how can you avoid it? How can you separate yourself from your environment and break the cycle?
   This is what Dacorius struggles with every day. Even though he's made mistakes in his past, he wants to set a good example for his younger brother.
   "My little brother said to me, 'I want to be just like you,' and that motivates me to get my life together," he said.  "I really feel like I have to break the cycle, or when is it going to end?"
   Dacorious is trying to help his brother avoid the mistakes he made. 
The Right Mindset

Physical activity promotes positive mental health, and can improve concentration, memory, and classroom behavior among teenagers. We encourage our students to exercise at Highfields through sports, recreation time, now our new fitness program, CrosSeal.

   We're always looking for unique ways to personalize our students' treatment plans to fit their needs.
   When Highfields President/CEO, Brian Philson, heard about CrosSeal, a fitness program based on a series of sequences similar to boot camp workouts, he thought the students would benefit from the program in multiple ways.
For more information or to make a referral, please contact:

Brian Philson, CEO/President
(517) 628-2287 x371

Chris Robinson, Director of Residential Services
(517) 628-2287 x344

Julie Duffey, Intake Coordinator
(517) 628-2287 x321