December 2016
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January 2-8, 2017

  Central America

 Regional Waldorf Kindergarten              Conference               

San Diego, El Salvador


February 25, 2017 

United Kingdom: 

The Art of the Puppet in Place and Time      
Kings Langley

March 3- 7, 2017  
      Ellersiek Hand Gesture                Conference           

    April 8 - 12, 2017        

South Africa: 

Pan African Waldorf Teachers  Conference, 
"Unfolding Future Human Potential"  
Johannesbur g


    June 3-6, 2017      


Waldorf Early Childhood  Whitsun  Conference


   July 3- 6, 2017      


Waldorf  Teachers Conference  2017  

"Building on the Foundations"



July 23-29, 2017 


Workshops for translators of Ellersiek Hand Gesture Games,  


You can find detailed information on all these conferences on the IASWECE Website in the section "News and events"  under
Collaboration with Other Organizations
Anniversary Conference for ELIANT in Brussels 
On 7th November ELIANT held its own conference in Brussels for the very first time.
    Read the report    
"Education: The Digital Dilemma - To Use or Be Used"
Report about a workshop with Paula Bleckmann at the
 EU Parliament 
Recent Research
  Media and Young Minds
A policy statement released by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) 
(November 2016) 

Screen Time Is Making Kids Moody, Crazy and Lazy
An article by
Victoria L. Dunckley, M.D. published in Psychology Today
(August 2015)  
Symbolic Play and Emergent Literacy
An article by Sandra and William Stone on the website of the
"Transitions in Childhood from Birth to 14 Years" - New Publication!

The lectures from the 2015 "Transitions" conference  by Clara Aerts, Ursula Flatters, Elizabeth Hall, Florian Osswald, Claus-Peter Röh and Susan Weber are now available in print. 
 H ow You Can Help 
I ASWECE gives financial and pedagogical support to projects in order to develop and maintain the quality of Waldorf early childhood education throughout the world. 

International Waldorf Early Childhood Teaching Positions and Internships
Steiner/Waldorf kindergartens:
Are you looking for a trained kindergarten teacher from outside  your country?

Waldorf kindergarten teachers: 
Are you looking for a position in another country?

Waldorf Early Childhood training students:
Are you looking for an international internship?

In future issues of the newsletter,  we could post your request here. Please write to info@iaswece@org.

At the moment was have only one opening, for a German-speaking teacher in Shanghai. 
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Mercurius International
Dear friends and colleagues,
What can we do to protect and support the tender awakening fantasy of the young child so that it will lead to a wealth of creativity, inner strength and initiative in adulthood? This is the main theme of this newsletter at the turning of the year. 

Conferences and symposia in Estonia, China and Germany have concerned themselves with ways to counter the weakening of body and soul that are the result of civilizational influences.  On this theme you will find a fundamental article by Renate Long Breipohl and a petition signed by Manfred Spitzer with the heartfelt request to sign it and forward it to others. 

On the theme of support for fantasy, we have collected photos, reports and ideas in relationship to a modest but dynamic portion of our population -  simple dolls - with reports from Australia, Brazil, Austria, France and Ukraine. We have certainly not exhausted this theme and you are warmly invited to send us further reports for future newsletters. 

With warm wishes for the change of the year on behalf of the IASWECE Coordinating Group, 
Philipp Reubke  
Protection of Childhood
The Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher and the Task of Preparing for a Healthy Future Generation
Renate Long Breipohl 

L ecture held at the Second China Waldorf Early Childhood Education Conference, which took place in October 2016 in Dezhou, China:

"Experiences in the virtual world push human beings, especially the young ones, out of their centre and contribute through the overwhelming amount of information and entertainment to losing direction in life. Such confusion bears the seeds for illness. Balance in body and soul creates the conditions for health. It develops in children only through the model of human beings, who strive in their everyday life to live together well and humanely."

A Call to Action: 
No to Digital Kindergartens!

On Saturday, November 19th, 2016, the Association of Waldorf Kindergartens in Germany hosted a symposium on the theme "The Right to Childhood - We are responsible!" at the Congress Center in Hannover. 

Immediately following the symposium, a call to action was written: "Those who have signed this petition are concerned about the healthy development of future generations.They want to actively support constructive educational investments in kindergartens, child care programs and pre-schools and intend to develop a network to move forward quickly and convincingly with this initiative. What is the initiative about?"

Current Pedagogical Issues

What is a "Waldorf Doll"?
Philipp Reubke

If someone is looking for a Waldorf doll, they can buy one in many larger Waldorf schools, in some toy stores, and of course on the internet. There are even a number of manufacturers that have applied for "Waldorf doll" as a brand name. But are these commercially available dolls actually the real, original Waldorf doll?

Creating Simple Dolls in the Kindergarten  Svitlana Eks  

Is a commentary necessary about the competencies that arise through such activity? The most important thing is that a soul connection is formed with the image of the human being, and love for the human being arises. Isn't that of particular significance in our times?
The Significance of the Doll in a Child's Development   
Silvia Jensen

Astrid Lindgren was wise when she wrote in her book "Märchen" the story about a rich princess that had all possible kinds of dolls to play with but still could not play, until the day came when she met a poor peasant girl called Pia who carried with her a piece of wood wrapped in a rag. Liselotta felt that this was a real doll and asked the queen why she had never been given a doll like Pia's.
Waldorf Early Childhood Education Worldwide
The Second Chinese Waldorf Early Childhood Conference:
Children of the E-generation and 
Waldorf Early Childhood Education
Kathy MacFarlane

 Conference in Hannover - "Learning from the Child"  
Silke Kirch

Supporting One Another - 
A Waldorf kindergarten and a modern housing community 
Blanka Lichtnerova

News from IASWECE

IASWECE Council Meeting in Tartu, Estonia October 2016
Clara Aerts
Experiences at the IASWECE Teacher Training Conference in Tallinn, Estonia
Ruth Ker

on the Importance of Sleep - 
An Invitation to Collaborate   
Jocelyn Roy, Stefanie Allon, Helle Heckmann, Lourdes Tormes, Claudia Freytag
The IASWECE Birth to Three Working Group is studying the the importance of sleep for children and adults.  We all need sleep to regenerate and connect to our dream life, and for the little child sleep is essential for the development of the physical body. The child needs sleep to grow. 

The IASWECE Newsletter is published on behalf of the IASWECE Council by Philipp Reubke, with support from Clara Aerts, Susan Howard and Lara Radysh.

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