We’re excited to launch our first NAGDCA Connect session on Monday, October 5! To ensure a seamless experience, we encourage you to read through these tips before you join Monday's session.

We know things haven't been easy over the past few months. We hope that this event will provide connection, knowledge-sharing, and a sense of belonging amongst our community. We greatly appreciate your continued support of and commitment to NAGDCA! We look forward to "seeing" you on Monday, October 5 at 2 p.m. ET for the first session!

Please contact us at nagdcaconnect@nagdca.org if you need any assistance before or
during the event.
First, please log in to the Connect event platform prior to the first session. The event platform will serve as the Connect hub throughout October and is where you will access connection links for each general session and learning lab, learn about our sponsors, complete CE surveys, and access thought leadership pieces from our Visionary sponsors.

Login Information:
Please click below to log in to the event platform using your NAGDCA credentials.
  • Username: -
  • Password: If you have forgotten your password, please click here to reset it.

To access Monday and Wednesday sessions -
  1. Log in to the event platform.
  2. Navigate to the session.
  3. Click "JOIN THE SESSION" found under "Materials."
  4. Click the link to join the Zoom webinar session.
Review the event agenda to learn about the sessions and speakers and click below to access links to add general sessions and learning labs to your calendar so you don't miss any of the live presentations.

Please note, exchange session invites with connection details are being sent directly to those who signed up for the sessions when registering.
Test your system to ensure that you are not experiencing any technical issues when connecting to Zoom, the platform used for all NAGDCA Connect sessions. The Zoom platform runs on higher bandwidth. Please know that some WiFi connections may be spotty.

Some networks cause slides to advance more slowly than others. If your slides are behind or you are having audio issues, please try exiting the session and re-joining to refresh your connection.  
NAGDCA Connect general sessions and learning labs are eligible for continuing education credits. Click here to learn about the credits you can earn for each session.

  • To receive credit, you must attend the live session and then complete a CE survey.
  • CE surveys can be found under "Materials" within each general session and learning lab in the Connect platform.
  • Each session has a unique code given at the end of the presentation that you will need to complete the CE survey. Surveys are due EOD November 4.
  • A certificate for each completed session will be emailed to you upon completion of the CE survey and will be available on the event platform under My Account – My Certificates.
We wouldn't be able to bring you NAGDCA Connect without the continued support of our sponsors. Be sure to check out their profiles on the event platform to learn more about each company.

Each of our visionary sponsors' profiles also feature topical, informative thought leadership pieces that you don't want to miss. Click below to visit their profiles and download their pieces.

  • Empower Retirement -
  • Rethink, Rewire, Retire - Public sector employees are redefining their retirement
  • Staying strong: How government retirement plans are fighting COVID fatigue
  • ICMA-RC -
  • Bring Your Future Into Focus during National Retirement Security Month
  • Governments as Employers of Choice – The Importance of Some Underappreciated Benefits
  • Invesco -
  • Shifting DC Times - Summer 2020
  • The Forgotten Participant - DC research executive summary
  • Nationwide Retirement Solutions -
  • Detailed Analysis of SECURE Act Affecting Retirement Plans
  • Four Ways to Help Retirees Make Their Money Last
  • Prudential Retirement -
  • Plan Health Guide
  • America's Workers Need a Next Generation DC Plan More Than Ever
  • Voya Financial -
  • Voya Perspectives - Help pre-retirees cross the retirement finish line
  • Driving plan participation and engagement in the government market
Please also make sure you have read, understand and will adhere to our Code of Conduct. We want this to be an enjoyable experience for all!
Special thanks to our sponsors who have continued to support us during the launch of NAGDCA Connect!