#IDW2020 Learnings Don't Have to End Here
Hey there,

Thank you for journeying with us throughout #IDW2020. We have appreciated your prayer and reflection throughout this week, which has seen us reflect on multiple components to meaningful global engagement.

First, our theme of 'Sustainability from God's All Sufficiency' allowed us to root ourselves in the truth of God's character, as an eternal source we can depend on. Psalm 121 gave us great reminders of His nature and a way for us and our global partners, to be reminded to rejoice in the resources God has given, no matter the amount.

Second, the thoughtfulness of our posture in engagement with the global church was examined. As we recognize and see our role in collaboration with the global church, we must interact and engage in a way that promotes how God has already been working and motivating followers of Jesus to invest in their communities.

Third, we highlighted how our global partners are demonstrating the love and hope of Jesus, through avenues of healthcare, education, and agriculture. It was a privilege to pray for them as well as those receiving our partners investment. We were able to highlight the story of how our partners are investing in Haiti and Ethiopia and others at emcc.ca/projects .

Fourth, we continually asked ourselves meaningful questions about what our global partners are modelling for our own engagement in where God has placed us. How can we demonstrate resilient hope in our spheres of influence? How can we invest ourselves in community initiatives for holistic transformation?

We hope this reflection has led you to consider a key question: what are your next steps? World Partners would be privileged to journey with as you consider how God might be nudging you and those around you.
Learn With
  • Contact us if you would like further conversation around
  • integral development
  • holistic gospel, or
  • a resource-rich posture, with all your global connections
  • Access our 7 Resource Document as a starting places for further reflection
  • Get in touch with us or with Global Workers you are connected to about the most recent updates in their ministry life and how they are participating in His mission with the global church
  • Plan to come and meet with some Global Partners at Regional Gatherings Global Fest
  • We are exploring immersion learning opportunities with our global partners, and will be sharing more concrete plans in the months ahead.
  • Continue to pray and use the video below to guide concerted efforts to build into our global partners
  • Have conversations in your context about Development as a regular expression by the Global Church to show God's love for all humanity, and all creation.


All-access GlobalFest evening, Regional Gathering - April 17, 2020 
Country Hills EMC, Kitchener ON, 7pm. 

All-access GlobalFest evening, Regional Gathering - April 24, 2020 
Crossroads Church, Red Deer AB, 7pm.
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EMCC World Partners is participating in International Development Week this year by focusing on our partnerships in Haiti and Ethiopia. To learn more, visit https://www.emcc.ca/world-partners/. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emccwp/...

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