Well . . . This is INCREDIBLE!
The Incredible Group is here and making a splash, like literally. Aside from the amazing novelty items with packaging that just rocks, The Incredible Group offers an awesome line up of pool floats. And I know what you are thinking. . . it's November, why are we thinking about pool floats? 
Well, we want you to be prepared to look at this line in showroom January and stock up for Spring & Summer! But NOW is the time to order these adorable fidgety, stretchy novelty items.
Make sure to check it out on our *NEW* B2B Portal on MarketTime. 
Sticki Slappers 
Stretch Balloon Dogs 
Stretch Pigs 
Stretch Blob - Color Changing
Stretch Corgi 
Dino Fizzy 
Mermaid Fizzy 
Squishi Pals - Animal Assortment 2 
Giant Roller skate Pool Float  
Giant Leaf Pool Float  
Giant Rocket Pop Pool Float  
Giant Shark Ring Pool Float 
Giant Flamingo Pool Float 
Giant Popsicle Pool Float 
Confetti 2 Ring Kiddie Pool 
Cactus Ring Toss 
Shark Sprinkler Slide 
Sitting Unicorn Sprinkler 
Donut Sprinkler Pad