March 2017
Will IP Transform the Broadcast Industry?
The broadcast community is in an all-out sprint to reinvent itself by placing Internet Protocol (IP) at the core of TV transmissions. They want the IP elements which are inserted at the content-preparation level to be carried through to reception and, finally, handed off to other IP-enabled devices. Click here to learn why such a transformation is anything but easy. 
Will AI Power the Next Leap in Video Compression? 
The role of artificial intelligence (AI) in the digital content economy continues to grow. In addition to anticipating your viewing preferences, AI is increasingly being brought in to solve a more challenging (and equally long-standing) technical problem. Read on to learn how AI may r evolutionize video compression. 
Nagra TVKey Looks to Eliminate STBs
Swiss-based encryption-systems developer Nagra is rolling out its new conditional access (CA) platform, TVKey. Industry experts believe it could eliminate set-top boxes (STB). Learn more about how STBs and CA may not be so tightly fused together in the future. 
Case Study: TV Spectrum Repack   
DTC's extensive repack transition study lays out a blueprint for what it will take for hundreds of broadcasters to move to new channel assignments. DTC's research concludes that it will easily take more than the 39 months and the $1.75 billion the U.S. FCC has allotted for the repack, which begins in April. Our DTV Transition Team is uniquely prepared to help broadcasters, MVPDs and mobile carriers design and implement channel-transition plans.  
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