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Here's a little bit of housekeeping as we get this tax season under way!
  • Smart Vault – please make sure you can log in and upload the documents. Once you do, please shoot us a quick email to let us know when you have uploaded everything! 
  • We installed a mail slot for the office. The mail slot is to the right of the front door! So, if you need to drop papers off after hours, please do so. We will email you to confirm receipt.
  • 2020 Tax Organizers have been uploaded in Smart Vault. Please make sure you go through the questions on Page 2 & 3! Stimulus payments? Cryptocurrency? Foreign bank accounts? COVID related unemployment and retirement withdrawals? PPP funds? etc. 

Lastly, please help us welcome Karen K. to the team! She is our new Admin/Operations Associate! We are excited to have her as part of the team! 

Talk to you soon! And as always, thank you! We appreciate your business and referrals. Thank you.
Laura M. Mraz, EA - LMM & Associates, Inc.
February 2nd - Happy Groundhog's Day
February 7th - Superbowl Sunday
February 14th - Happy Valentine's Day
February 15th - Presidents Day
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