First Presbyterian Church of Libertyville
In Person Survey – Fall 2020
(Link to survey is at the end of this letter)

The Session is prayerfully considering offering “in person” worship as a supplement to our primary online video worship service. We are taking a survey of the congregation to see if we might be able to maintain a significant rolling weekly minimum average for “in person” worship.

Here is an overview of what "in person” worship would look like at First Pres this fall during Phase 4 of the Illinois Recovery Plan:

Registration (online preferred) will be required to stay within state recommended maximums.

Registration questions will require you to have:
  •  No current exposure to Covid-19
  •  No illness for 2 weeks prior
  •  No fever
  •  A waiver of liability

Metered entry and exit:
  • You will be greeted and checked for registration at the Sanctuary Portico
  • A mask is required for entry
  • If space permits, unregistered arrivals may register in person
  • A socially-distanced line will form toward the courtyard hallway side Sanctuary entrance
  • You will be directed to specific seats, no more than two households per pew
  • Restroom use will be limited to one household at a time
  • You must exit the building after worship as directed and paced

Worship Experience:
  • Masks will be required at all times (the preacher will most likely remove mask to preach)
  • A minister(s) will greet from Chancel, pray, read scripture, and preach the sermon
  • Music will be primarily instrumental
  • Most likely singing by musicians will be pre-recorded and shown on-screen
  • Most likely a video affirmation from our primary video worship will be included
  • Some unison speaking while masked will be permitted
  • There will be no singing by the congregation
  • No child care or onsite children’s activities are currently planned.
Under the circumstances outlined above, would you commit to regularly attend “in person” worship during Phase 4 of the Illinois Recovery Plan?

Please click this link or the blue button below to respond to the two question survey. ______________________________________________________