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Leading Role in Development Sciences, Amy M. Bosch
Amy M. Bosch, Associate Director of Development Sciences

Amy M. Bosch has been with Lyophilization Technology, Inc. (LTI) for over 14 years and currently holds the role of Associate Director, Development Sciences. She oversees the Development and Process Laboratories, including management of the Development Technicians. She is responsible for scientific, technical, and quality oversight of development activities. 

Amy began her career with LTI in 2004 as a Technician. Over the years, she was promoted to Senior Technician, Research Technician, Scientist I/II and to her current role as Associate Director, Development Sciences in 2019. She has been involved in managing client projects including product and process development, clinical and toxicological material preparation, technical support, and troubleshooting. Prior to joining LTI, she held a position at GlaxoSmithKline. 

Amy holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Millersville University in Biology. She has presented numerous poster presentations for industry events and has given lectures on Critical Quality Attributes of Lyophilized Products. 

LTI Welcomes New Associate Director, Science and Technology, Alison K. Mutchler
Alison K. Mutchler, Associate Director of Science and Technology

Alison Mutchler, Associate Director of Science and Technology, provides guidance and support to Project Directors and our clients to deliver high quality, safe and robust lyophilized drug product. While directing and managing scientific studies and technical projects for clients, she also directs applied research studies to further research in the field. 

Alison has over 20 years of professional experience in academia and industry. Alison received her degree in Chemistry from Carnegie Mellon University. She started her career in Pharmaceutical Research at Pfizer in Groton, CT. During her 10 years at Pfizer, she worked on developing solubility enhancing formulations including spray dried dispersions and self-emulsifying drug delivery systems for oral solid dosage forms before moving into parenteral drug development and lyophilization. 

Alison then took a position at Lyophilization Technology Inc. as a project director helping clients bring lyophilized drug products to market. After spending three years at GlaxoSmithKline in biopharmaceutical product development, Alison rejoined LTI as the Associate Director of Science and Technology.
Congratulations to “LTI’s newest Project Director”: Samantha L. Singer
Samantha L. Singer, Scientist I and Project Director

Samantha Singer, Scientist I and Project Director, joined LTI in 2016. She is responsible for project coordination from concept through clinical manufacturing, including product and process development, technical support, troubleshooting, and clinical trial material manufacturing. Samantha’s technical focus is visual inspection, as well as, using the residual gas analyzer during the freeze drying process.

Samantha began her career at LTI as a Development Technician I in 2016. During her time at LTI, she has been promoted to Development Technician II, Associate Scientist I, II, and her current position as Scientist I. Samantha is also a part of the training program.

Samantha received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Kutztown University. After joining LTI, she earned a Master of Science degree in Pharmaceutical Science from Temple University. She has authored and presented poster presentations at focused industry events.

Recent Industry Contributions:

Lyophilizer Instrumentation Calibration: Principles & Practices

Denise L. Miller, Quality Assurance Associate LTI
Edward H. Trappler, President LTI
Jason Zagorski, LTI

This article was published in ISPE in the July/August 2020 issue. To review the full article, please click here
To Plan, Secure and Serve:

During this uncertain and unnerving time of living and working through the pandemic our best defense in battling COVID-19 is science, evidence, and reason. With a responsible attitude, plans and measures have been put in place to protect our most valuable asset and resource, the LTI staff. As responsible professionals, we have altered our work habits, all showing up for work, to be on site or working from home, sometimes working irregular schedules, sometimes long hours. We have arranged activities to allow us to continue supporting our client’s endeavors, keeping development projects on track and on time.

As we continue to live through this public health emergency and learn more about the epidemiology of SARS-CoV-2, we constantly adjust the plans and measures to deal with what has become our more common routine. We will continue to strive to protect ourselves and secure our ability to provide services to our clients. We recognize the part we play and our responsibilities in the development of new products for the benefit of patients in need. We realize bringing a new product to patients is a long-term endeavor. We are committed to assure our services and client support are not deterred by these hopefully short-lived conditions.

Upcoming Industry Events: 

Due to Covid-19, all industry events have been canceled, postponed or will be held as a virtual event.
Please see details below for more information.

Freeze Drying of Pharmaceuticals & Biologics Short Course and Conference CANCELED
July 7-10, 2020 • Breckenridge, Colorado
Freeze Drying of Pharmaceuticals & Biologics Short Course and Conference has been cancelled for 2020.
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PDA Annual Meeting Virtual Meeting
July 20-22, 2020
The PDA Annual Meeting will now be a Virtual Event.
For further information, please click here .

PDA/FDA Joint Regulatory Conference Virtual Meeting
September 14-16, 2020
The PDA/FDA Joint Regulatory Conference will now be a Virtual Event.
For further information, please click here .

Contract Pharma Contracting and Outsourcing Conference Virtual Meeting
(Contract Pharma Web Series)
September 23-October 8, 2020
The Contract Pharma Contracting and Outsourcing Conference will now be a Virtual Event (Contract Pharma Web Series).
For further information, please click here .

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