"In This Together, Mate!"
During the London Blitz (1940-1941) Winston Churchill asked the British people to contribute their pots and pans to the war effort. Aluminum cookware, in particular, was requested -- aluminum being the primary material of the Spitfire and Hurricane fighter planes which British factories were then stamping out by the thousands. Photos of the mountains of scrap metal collected in those months are still important symbols of unified British resolve in a time of danger.

In her account of those years, Citizens of London, historian Lynne Olson notes that little if any of the scrap metal collected actually made it onto production lines. In making their appeal, Churchill and Lord Beaverbrook (the crafty press baron in charge of aircraft production) were actually not seeking aluminum as much as they were seeking to galvanize and unite citizens. You might consider their program propaganda, or cagey leadership, or a mix of the two. But what Churchill and Beaverbrook understood was this: people feeling helpless need, somehow, to give. Need, somehow, to step up and out of a defensive crouch. News images of children carrying pots for donation reminded all Britons that "we're in this together, mate."

I was so moved recently to see Boston unite so quickly to send needed goods to Houston in the wake of Hurricane Harvey: boxed pasta, new socks, toothpaste, baby wipes. City employees and volunteers stacked pallet after pallet on City Hall onto trucks. We can assume that most of these goods have found their way to people who have lost so very much. We hope that they have brought both practical support and spiritual comfort to those now in the midst of mucking out. Perhaps it was all a small drop in a muddy ocean of human need. At times like this though, I discern something sacramental in piles of donated goods. They are visible signs of invisible love and care, passed from stranger to stranger and mystically uniting each to each. For donors, that act of giving reminds us of who we are, and of the giver in whose image we are each made.

I wonder sometimes why donating cash doesn't have quite the same moral heft as pallets of goods in the popular imagination. Is it because money, unlike an aluminum saucepan, is increasingly without shape or form in a cash-free culture? Is it because money relies on the integrity and judgment of the recipient for the role it will play in the recovery and asks no small degree of trust from the donor? Is it because, unlike giving boxed pasta or socks or toothpaste, giving money means open-ended support for a wider mission versus relieving a concrete and easily imagined need?

Nonetheless, money -- and prayers behind it -- is what is needed right now in those portions of the US and Caribbean just beginning to recover from Harvey and Irma. Money in this sense is like type-O blood: lifesaving, universally accepted, and useful in contexts that we at a safe remove cannot begin to imagine. Our bishops have asked that we offer what assistance we can through Episcopal Relief and Development, and you can read more about ERD's current relief work and make a gift here:  https://support.episcopalrelief.org/hurricane-relief.

Thank you for considering our bishops' request. See you in church!

Faithfully and fondly,

The Reverend Patrick C. Ward
Associate Rector

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