September 19, 2020
John-Michael Dumais
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"I am most interested in conscious evolution, the potential of myself and others to wake up and create a different world together, one that works for everyone. Central to this is the teaching of nonviolence, which is both about reframing our own tendencies around separation and defensiveness, and building a new language and set of skills around staying in the heart in the midst of all kinds of difficult and challenging experiences.

"I am a student of Integral theory and practice and of Spiral Dynamics, which together help to inform a way of considering oneself and the world through multiple valid (if necessarily partial) perspectives.

"On my own time, I work to help others free their authentic voice and communicate from the authentic heart. I facilitate inner process work (self-healing of traumas of all kinds). I play guitar and sing, lead sound circles, performing original chants and songs and those from traditions around the globe.

"My just-ended day job was as Executive Director for the NH Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty ( I worked with an excellent team of people who have been committed, many for decades, to ending this inhumane punishment."

 - John-Michael Dumais

  • Keene High School
  • Harvard University

The first time I noticed John-Michael's name was the night of the Keene City Council committee meeting open to public comment regarding a proposed mask mandate ordinance for businesses in Keene, July 22. He made comments that made sense to me, and I was up next for my turn. After first stating I was in agreement with what he had to say, I went on to voice my own opinion and concerns.

BTW - That night, though fairly well split, the majority of public comment was against the ordinance. There was a second meeting the following week with ability to comment in a very limited and restricted fashion.

The following week, the Keene City Council voted 12-2 to approve the ordinance requiring:

"The ordinance requires that employees wear face masks when dealing with the public, and requires members of the public to do the same whenever entering a business. It defines an appropriate face covering as one made of “cloth, fabric, paper or other soft or permeable materials, without holes, mesh, or exhaust valves.” It also specifies that masks must cover the mouth and the nose."

John-Michael Dumais has written a thorough, respectful, and enlightening 80+ page document titled:

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Appreciation First

"First, I hope it is clear that most people pushing for others to wear masks or to observe social distancing measures are doing so out of a sense of concern for the common welfare. We should always keep that in mind and have respect and appreciation for such efforts, even when we disagree with their reasons for doing so. If we feel the mask wearing mandate is harmful, we should avoid ascribing negative motivations to the people in our social circles who are promoting it. I am, rather, hoping to inspire curiosity and courteous dialogue among all involved, respect for each other’s boundaries, and a reduction of fear surrounding the realities of disease and death. " John-Michael Dumais
Alchemical Gifts of the Virus
John-Michael Dumais offers some interesting food for thought and reflection here.
"The ultimate update on our viral issue, bar none - Sept 8th 2020 .
Get educated guys and gals - or keep your head in the sand while your errant leaders destroy society around you..."
Ivor Cummins
A must see! Sheds lots of interesting scientific light to our most pressing questions...
Fantastic "Fall Food"
Sweet Potatoes with Warm Black Bean Salad
Proactive Health Collective of Keene
Yesterday we talked about


What's behind them?

Why has the incidence increased so dramatically over the last 20 years?

We certainly don't have all the answers, but we had some lively and enlightening conversation.

If you missed it and are interested, you can see it either on Facebook or YouTube (this one might not be up on YouTube yet, but it will be soon).
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