October 9th
What's In Today's Email?
1) One more week for Addams Family

2) RSM Idol

3) Are you Getting the Loyalty Discount?

4) Certificate of Merit

5) Internal Videos

6) Still need to Register?

One more week!

There is one more week to pass off Addams Family wordsheet. We added a wordsheet to the Learning Tracks Page.  Don’t forget to pass off the song with your teacher by October 19th. Password for Learning Tracks Page is  gotglee.

RSM Idol!

This week Rachel Yeager, Radu Prescura and Ashlee Frost passed first round for RSM Idol. Great job!

Are you Getting the Loyalty Discount?

If you love your lessons, why not commit through the season?
Certificate of Merit

October is the deadline to sign up for Certificate of Merit testing in March. Kjarstin and Karen are the Certificate of Merit teachers.
Recital Videos

Don’t be scared of the videos, it is only for internal use. You, the parent, can take it during the lesson; or the teacher can film it. If you know your song, we would love to have you in the recital! Be sure to send the video by October 13th .
Recital Registration
For more information, see past email.

No Videos?

If we have not received your video by  Saturday, October 13th we will unregister you.  If we receive your late video, you will be allowed to re-register or be put on the waitlist.