Which Rules Documentary Video?Interrotron vs. EyeDirect vs. DeathTron

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The EyeDirect.
  1. The double mirror configuration allows for the director to see the subject's face in proper left/right orientation and the same is true with the subject's view of the director.  (Note: this is also true with the standard  Mark III Interrotron.)
  2. The EyeDirect Mark II is a precision made instrument with very few moving parts. Consequently, it is a perfect unit to take on the road.  It is highly reliable.
  3. The unit comes in a custom fitted road case which offers maximum protection.
  4. There is a tablet teleprompter slot incorporated within the EyeDirect Mark II.  It takes but a minute to switch from "Interrotron mode" to teleprompter mode.  Producers can control the tablet with a bluetooth smart phone or use the "airplay" function of a Mac laptop.  By simply inserting a tablet into the slot one can instantly transform the EyeDirect into a teleprompter. (You simply download teleprompter software)   Note: You can rent an  iPad preloaded with teleprompter software with your EyeDirect.
  5. The EyeDirect unit is so simple to use that it does not require a technician.  A grip or AC should have no problem to get the unit up and functioning very quickly.
  6. Cost.  The unit is less expensive to rent than its larger, more professional siblings, the Interrotron III or Mark IV. ine.

The Interrotron Mark III:
  1. The professional Interrotron Mark III is a dual unit system.  This allows the director to sit comfortably in "video village" while the one piece EyeDirect makes the director stand (or sit) right next to the camera.  This EyeDirect feature often forces the choice between setting the tripod height either to accommodate the director's comfort or the quality of the shot.
  2. The Interrotron Mark III has 16 X 9 video monitors so the director sees the subject properly composed for HD and above.  The EyeDirect is a standard def aspect ratio.
  3. The two video monitors on the Interrotron Mark III are HD.  Mirrors replace the monitors on the EyeDirect.
  4. The Interrotron Mark III has a true professional camera production monitor in which to view the subject.  So the director sees just what the lens of the subject's camera sees. The right focus, the right exposure, the right framing, depth of field, etc.  So, the director can simultaneously have the best, most comfortable, most accurate, most productive "one on one" conversation with the subject, but also can do so while monitoring every technical aspect of the shot.
  5. The subject's unit is a modified, professional "gold plate" Autocue Teleprompter.  It will easily accept the Red Dragon, Phantom, Alexa, C300, FS5 and virtually every professional camera made on the Interrotron sliding gold plate 15 mm rod system.
  6. The Mark III directly accepts every type of camera output:  HDMI, HDSDI, Component and Composite.  Each has a "pass through" for additional monitor access.
  7. The Mark III is delivered and operated by a professional Interrotron tech who is also an experienced teleprompter operator. The EyeDirect must be picked up from and delivered back to our studio. And the EyeDirect Mark II prompter software is more rudimentary.  
  8. Like the EyeDirect, the Interrotron can also function as a standard teleprompter.  In fact, all of our operators are trained teleprompter technicians so in seconds you can switch from Interrotron mode to prompter. 

DeathTron X3
  1. The unit is unsafe for use in the same zipcode as an actual human being.
  2. Five Star Rating from Ming The Merciless.
  3. Lead lined Hazmat suit required.
  4. Available exclusively in Prongynang, NK and Newark, NJ.
  5. Looking at picture of Deathtron X3 known to cause fatal "face folding" in men and women.
  6. This WARNING was supposed to be at the top.
  7. Sorry, if you looked.  
  8. Our bad.

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And which unit wins the Documentary Smackdown?

The DeathTron X3!   (opposing judges could not vote with folded faces)

The American Movie Company and Teleprompter Rental.com disavow any connection with the
DeathTron X3 program... 

Bill Milling 


Bill Milling | American Movie Company 

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