Family Learning Solutions + Project CHANGE =
Courageous Queens
Gaithersburg Middle School Principal Intern Shawaan Robinson strikes a pose with the Courageous Queens after one of the sessions. Family Learning Solutions Inc. appreciates her support!
Beginning in September of this year, Family Learning Solutions and Project CHANGE partnered to bring two AmeriCorps Members to join our mission providing essential group mentoring services to youth in Montgomery County, Maryland.
Courageous Queens, a year-long socio-emotional and character strengthening curriculum, developed by Ms. Lex Morgan teaches self-awareness, stress management and life skills. Participating young queens in grades 6-12 are equipped with essential life skills to thrive in their lives, personally, academically, and professionally. A safe, empowering, and supportive environment is provided as they cultivate authentic connection with themselves and others. Young queens are encouraged to lean into fear, identify who they are, and honor their individuality and what makes them absolutely extraordinary! 
AmeriCorps Member and Certified Life Coach Lex Morgan
What Makes Our Program Different From Other Youth Programs?
FLS Founder Dr. Lori Melman greets three of the Senior Queens - Marie Semou, Stephanie Nelson, and Makayla Robinson (left to right)
Senior Queens makes our Courageous Queens program stand out from other mentoring programs. High school junior and seniors who started as Courageous Queens are taught how to serve as peer counselors for the younger participants in the program.
Senior Queen Donavia Ramsay facilitates a discussion among the Courageous Queens at Gaithersburg Middle School
The Senior Queens are also participating in the MCPS Student Internship Program and benefit from weekly training sessions and career development.
MY SCORE Card - A Quick Self-Assessment Tool
Project CHANGE Montgomery uses the services of AmeriCorps members to enhance the programs and services provided by participating organizations. CHANGE, which stands for “Collaboratively Helping America’s New Generation Emerge,” captures the spirit of the program. Their motto is “Getting things done and making an impact we can measure.” Project CHANGE developed MY SCORE as a way to understand student's social-emotional state of mind.

MY SCORE allows each youth participant to self-assess how well they are doing at school and in life. This is a special tool that was created by Storywise for AmeriCorps Project CHANGE so that the volunteers can help youth participants in becoming more successful. Each youth participant is an expert about their own experiences and feelings. Completing the card takes only a few minutes while giving the AmeriCorps volunteers valuable insight on how the youth participants see their potential, academic success, and ability to cope with stress. Family Learning Solutions is incorporating this important evaluation tool into the Courageous Queens mentoring program.
Recognition From The MCPS Board of Education
We appreciate Dr. Smith and the Montgomery County Public School Board of Education for the Proclamation and recognizing Project CHANGE, AmeriCorps Team, Family Learning Solutions, and Courageous Queens Mentoring Program.
Family Learning Solutions, Inc. (FLS) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization established in 1997 by Dr. Lori Melman, LCSW-C (Licensed Clinical Social Worker). FLS is committed to more than academic success among youth. In partnership with parents, schools, and the community, FLS strives to empower youth to realize their full potential, contribute their voice to the community, and have a strong foundation in knowing their worth. FLS is funded by City of Gaithersburg Community Services Dvision, Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services, Montgomery County Council and Office of County Executive. The support allows FLS to continue its commitment to serve all youth in their pursuit of academic and personal excellence.