December 19, 2020
Phyllis Phelps
Founding Director, House of Hope NH
Join us for an inspiring hour!

Today I am privileged to have with me in the studio



I first became aware of House of Hope NH when one of my clients on the board of directors shared with me the remarkable story of finding the property and how the funds for its purchase were provided - nothing short of miraculous. This was a few years ago, and, I am sorry to say this amazing beacon of light fell off my radar.

Last week I remembered, when Phyllis and two others from House of Hope NH spoke at The Village Church in Swanzey, New Hampshire.

Today I want to introduce House of Hope NH to those of you in my Wondrous Circle!

Phyllis will be bringing with her a few others from "the house."
I'm sure you will be inspired by what they have to share with us.

Join us at noon - just after the top of the news hour, on WKBK radio:
FM 94.1
AM 1290

The Need . . .
  • People are dying every day from drug abuse.
  • Woman are losing their children because of addiction.
  • A drug-addicted baby is born every hour --​  13,539 infants a year.
  • In 2015, more than 400 people in New Hampshire died as a result of drug overdose, 2.5 times more overdoses than in 2011.
  • In NH in 2015, there were 2,067 opioid-related emergency department visits -- the highest ever recorded in New Hampshire.

 The Hope . . .
  • House of Hope NH 12-18 month faith based program comprised of three steps that helps women overcome addiction through the power of Jesus Christ.
  1. Create structure in their lives with Jesus Christ as the foundation​
  2. Individualize a plan to prepare them to be self sufficient
  3. Help graduates find a job and housing
  • House of Hope is unique because we allow children of the women to be in the home with them. 
  • House of Hope offers healing and rebuilding of lives by offering structure, responsibility and commitment while teaching the tools to manage family, household, and employment.
If this is an opportunity that speaks to you, and you want to lend your support, please do!
"From tragedy to triumph... but it was never easy..."
Nothing ever was [easy] for Phyllis Phelps.

Hurt, abuse, and heartache led to a lifestyle of desperate addiction and empty relationships that would’ve surely destroyed her.

Yet when she received help and discovered the life-changing power of God, her journey toward healing was only beginning—and would include many more challenges that severely tested her faith and threatened those she loved.
Today, Phyllis has weathered the storm and found a steady anchor in God and His love. Even more, she is now helping others wounded by neglect and addiction so that they, too, can break through their pain and find renewed life and purpose through Him.
Wondrous Holiday Food...
Bourkas have become a new holiday tradition in our house, ever since Krista gifted Dale an Israeli cuisine cookbook a few years ago. Oh, talk about indulgent and beyond wondrous! Warning: you have to work with the dough once daily for 3 days; ready to use on the 4th day, but... well worth it!
I just heard Dale & Krista planning our holiday Bourkas:
  • Mushroom
  • Potato and Kale
  • Feta
Happy Hanukkah & Merry Christmas!
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