The 2018 HCEG Top 10, as voted and ranked by HCEG Annual Forum participants, is now official. This list will drive  HCEG's event and content calendar for the upcoming year. 

The 2018 HCEG Top 10 issues and challenges will be individually explored in detail by our thought leaders, through HCEG Executive Leadership Roundtables, webinars, white papers and research initiatives. 

See the list below and this post from the Chairman of the Board, Ferris Taylor.
Clinical and Data Analytics:   Leveraging big data with clinical evidence to segment populations, manage health and drive decisions
Population Health Services Organizations: operationalizing population health strategy, chronic care management, driving clinical integration, and integrating social determinants of health
Value-based payments: targeting specific medical conditions to manage cost and quality of care
Cost transparency: growing legislation and consumer demand
Total consumer health: improving members' overall well-being and medical, social, financial, and environmental
Cybersecurity: protecting the privacy and security of consumer information
Healthcare reform:  repeal, replace, or substantial modification of current healthcare laws, Block Grants, Single-Payer, Industry Stability
Harnessing mobile health technology: Improving disease management, member engagement, and data collection/distribution
Addressing pharmacy costs: implementing strategies to address growth of pharma costs versus benefits to quality of care and total medical costs
The engaged digital consumer: HSAs, member/patient portals, health and wellness education materials,

Monday, October 2nd marked the start of National Health IT Week, a collaborative and partner-driven event whose purpose is to promote the awareness and demonstrate the use of information technology in:
  • Supporting Healthcare Transformation: The many ways in which health IT is driving transformation in healthcare delivery including improvements in quality and safety, interoperability, advances in innovation, and patient and consumer activation and engagement.
  • Expanding Access to High Quality Healthcare: Use of innovative technologies including telehealth and remote patient monitoring to improve healthcare access, coordination and outcomes.
  • Increasing Economic Opportunity: Highlighting the importance of a robust, diverse health IT workforce and health IT's role in supporting economic growth.
  • Making Communities Healthier: The fundamental role health IT plays in supporting population and public health
HCEG is proud to partner with and to support  National Health IT Week and the above points of engagement - this week of October 2 - 6, 2017 and throughout the year. You can learn more about #NHITWeek and related events  here.
The 29th Annual Forum of the Healthcare Executive Group held in Nashville last week included nine sessions lead by healthcare industry leaders. 

Industry veterans and thought leading panel members provided forum participants with a wealth of information and insight into key areas of healthcare reform, innovation and digital transformation:
Consumer Engagement, Transparency, Population Health, Health Plan-Provider Data Exchange, and Merger & Acquisition activity within the digital healthcare space.

Over the next few week's, the  HCEG Education Committee and
Digital Support Team - in conjunction with our Sponsor Partners - will flesh out supporting details of the 2018 HCEG Top 10 List. We'll develop an 'editorial calendar' outlining content that HCEG members can expect over the next year. Content like the following:
  • Executive Leadership Round Table events
  • Live & Recorded Webinars
  • Blog Posts from members and sponsor partners
  • Research Papers and other deep dive content
  • Live, Online Discussions (aka. "tweetchats")
  • Podcasts featuring insight from members and sponsor partners
  • And more...
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Members of HCEG participate in the Annual Forum, Executive Leadership Roundtable events, and ongoing networking and educational opportunities at no additional cost. 

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