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Happy Tax Season!
Happy Tax Season! Well a slow start for sure this year – and not by choice. Given the government shutdown, IRS backlog, and delay in finalizing forms, this could prove to be a crazy tax season! We are waiting for IL to get forms completed as well, hoping by mid-next week. 

Given that, please send in, drop off, upload, mail (or whatever means necessary!) your info as soon as possible. Tax Organizers are loaded into SmartVault in the “TY18, Organizer” folder. Let us know if you need assistance!

And a quick nod to the entire team at LMM – I am beyond blessed to be surrounded by some of the most amazing women EVER! Roseann, Chris, Betsy, Denise, Jodi, Joanne, and Megan – you are amazing! Thank you! 
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