In Support of a Clean Sweep
of Hawaii GOP Leadership
by Bryan Jeremiah

It's been nearly two months since the 2016 general election.  After two cycles running as a Republican, I am left with just one conclusion:
The GOP or what represents the Republican Party in Hawaii is seriously ill-equipped and ill-prepared to manage even one successful campaign against any Democratic incumbent / challenger and our party leaders appear to lean more towards support of the Democratic Party than it does its own.
Having fought two unsuccessful campaigns for State House against a Democrat who is an extremely progressive liberal, extremely far-left with anti-American values, and really as corrupt as politicians get while the local GOP organization did absolutely nothing to support me was the clearest possible indicator to me that change in our party needs to happen.
In the wake of the elections which left a weak and non-existent party with no Senate seats and just 6 House seats (with 2 or possibly 3 of those 6 are actual Democratic sympathizers), it stands to reason that my GOP has done nothing in each of the last 2 election cycles to support its candidates.  The results speak for themselves.
That undeniable downward trend for our GOP, tracked through recent successive elections, brings the enhanced dominance of the Democratic Party; a party once led by relatively moderate political powerhouses like Dan Inouye and Dan Akaka, but now is dominated by liberals pushing a very progressive agenda.  This started with previous leftist governor Abercrombie, sustained by current governor Ige, and actively backed by a House and Senate full of extreme progressive liberal idealists who -- under the tutelage of the Obama administration -- have pushed a radical and extreme liberal agenda; wreaking increased havoc on our State and its people.
These homegrown lefties have made their mark by introducing and passing last-minute, closed-door legislation designed to advance social re-engineering rather than mere problem-solving.  These are the same individuals who for nearly two months have been jumping up and down, demanding their "binkys" and "lollypops" as they pout and whimper over the selection of a new president.  Along with their hardcore supporters, they act like children as they boycott, rally, threaten, demean, target, and bash all who support the nation's wave of conservatism and patriotic support for government . . . a Trump and GOP-led government soon-to-be-devoid of the socialist liberal progressive agenda which has crushed our country and our home state these past 8 years.
These "Political Actors" throughout Hawaii government have been handpicked and supported by the DEMONcratic leadership for their willingness to do anything and everything in an effort to support this agenda - an agenda which has nothing to do with serving the people and everything to do with serving their party.  The Democrat organization's unrelenting push for their incumbents, their challengers, and their agenda - all supported by our biased newsmedia and plenty of paid political advertising support -- has the hapless residents of our islands in a state of delirium . . . with nothing else to drink except the kool-aid of misinformation being consistently poured and fostering the belief that we are in a good place.
But what's worse is that the GOP -- my party, the party I ran as a candidate for, whose platform I believe is conservative, all-American, patriotic, supporter of strong values held by most people -- is nowhere to be found.  It's time for change.
In order to contend with the current administration and to move our state into a place where there is balance in our local government, we will need to present a strong unified conservative, anti-Democratic message that does not waiver, is not easily threatened, does not run and hide when things get tough, will not compromise to get along, does the will of the people and not the party, defends freedoms, rejects passivity, leads courageously and whose impact is sustainable.

I can no longer support a party that does not support me or that has no clear message that is in direct contrast to that of the opposing party, who is not willing to stand up against the obvious tyrannical and misguided leadership currently in control and who has no clear plans to represent those who do.
There is no GOP in Hawaii because its current leadership is happy to sit on the fence year after year and do nothing. This is unacceptable!
I am a Husband, Father, Grandfather, Conservative and God Fearing Patriot. And if that means that I am a target for Progressive Democratic liberals because I support small government, strong military, minimal government hand-out and more hand-ups, small business, less taxes, the constitution as it is written, traditional marriage, morality, honesty, transparency, respect for all, freedom of religion, and the word of GOD as the one and only foundational building block of this country, then bring it on!
But what I will not do is stand by a Party that is not willing to do the same. If my party, the GOP / Republican Party, is not willing to represent this view point -- a conservative view point which is the opposite of the Democratic Party -- why is the leadership still in place?  There are other parties that can use their expertise in halfhearted, semi-liberal, well-meaning, let's not rock the boat, go along to get along messaging and leadership.  But that should NOT be our party.

The facts and the arguments are on our side.  Republicans could win if our party really decided to take the fight to the Democrats.
Like I said. It's time for change.  Mahalo.

Ewa Beach resident Bryan Jeremiah is a construction industry project manager and a husband, father and grandfather.  As a Republican candidate for Hawaii's State House of Representatives, Bryan received the 2nd
highest percentage of votes statewide of all GOP challenger candidates for the legislature in the 2016 General Election.

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