Volume 02 | December 1, 2020
Welcome to our Newsletter!
2020 has proven to be a challenging and unexpected year for our community as a whole; from seeing the work of countless artists wiped out, to the health of many being affected by the pandemic, to the shutdown of our industries as a whole. Despite these challenges, this year has also proven to show the resilience and vibrancy of this community, and our ability to grow and change! Like many of you, the Colorado Theatre Guild is making change in order to grow, as well as support, this incredible community, by highlighting the many parts that create it! In this spirit, we are excited to introduce CTG’s Revamped Newsletter - brought to you by familiar and fresh perspectives in our community! 
Focus on Board Member Abner Genece
Abner Genece is truly a wonder! His affable, ebullient and joyous energy pervades any room - real or virtual. While most local audiences know Abner for his numerous Colorado acting credits, his gentle, yet powerful influence in our community is ever present. Even so, there is a lot more to Abner than meets the eye. In addition to his work as a talented actor, he is a devoted father, a gifted visual artist, a dynamic diversity advocate, a nurturing educator, Actor’s Equity representative and a generous volunteer of his time and charismatic energies for the Colorado Theatre Guild Board of Directors!

Workshop Committee News!
Viking DNA Pillages Traditional Casting & Conventional Storytelling
With our world on pause and with our industry taking a step back to visualize how we move forward, this is our opportunity to mold a more inclusive union between art and community. To really see the diversity that our communities are founded upon and to realize new ways of telling our stories that will allow all walks of life to see their reflection. It all comes down to which stories we choose to tell and how they are told. 

SAG-AFTRA and AEA Reach Agreement
SAG-AFTRA and Actor’s Equity Association have come to an agreement addressing the use of live theatre that is recorded or streamed for viewing by a remote audience.

Theatre Artibus
Theatre Artibus is a Denver-based company that creates original theatre, sometimes with words, sometimes with their bodies, often in collaboration with others. On Dec. 20th, Artibus is hosting a live, virtual fundraiser called the ‘Great Artibus Make-n Bake.’ It is a cook-along to raise funds for the RECIPE project’s newest iteration, a community storytelling and performance project.

Introducing CTG’s latest feature, What’s Up CTG? This Q&A section allows you to ask any and all questions to CTG’s Board of Directors! Your voice, your input and perspective matter. All input will be accepted and considered.

Help CTG on Giving Tuesday!
CTG Participates in Giving Tuesday!
We know that some may be looking for a worthy cause for their year-end tax deductible gift. If you are a passionate advocate for theatre like we are, please donate to CTG through our Giving Tuesday campaign. Just use our donation button below!
We know this has been a difficult year for many artists and organizations.CTG has shared in this struggle as we have decreased staff and programming. But we have also galvanized our efforts to transform CTG into a comprehensive service organization for our community!
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