Volume 05 | March 1, 2021
Welcome to March, Theatre Friends!
"Our life is March weather, savage and serene in one hour. We go forth austere, dedicated, believing in the iron links of Destiny, and will not turn on our heel to save our life: but a book, or a bust, or only the sound of a name, shoots a spark through the nerves, and we suddenly believe in will." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

March has arrived! And we look ahead to positive changes in our community, even as we acknowledge the challenges of the past. We've seen our community of artists continue to create and celebrate moments of theatre, poetry, song and film that move spirits, and highlight the social circumstances in which we find ourselves. Your Colorado Theatre Guild looks forward to supporting our members and giving our venues a platform to share their vision going forward, in addition to opening a space for more member interaction. We seek to build a coalition of diverse artists and specialists in their field who can add to our engaging workshops and other offerings our committees have in store for you. Change is upon us!
Focus on Board Member Steve Wilson
As we continue to introduce you to each of our Colorado Theatre Guild Board of Directors, we are so pleased to have this powerhouse team working to make positive and productive change in this community. This month we have the pleasure of highlighting Steve Wilson, one of our key historians of the Colorado Theatre Guild!

Steve Wilson is a vital member of our Colorado theatre community. His love of theatre, his work as an artistic director, a creator of educational programming, and a person known by his peers for having strong visions for change have truly helped shape this community more than many might realize. 

The Hilarious and Unforgettable Lucy Roucis
I knew the incomparable Lucy Roucis for over 25 years. She was a dear friend and a monumentally gifted artist. Her recent and untimely passing has truly shaken me to the core. For those unfamiliar, Lucy had Parkinson’s. An affliction that limited her movement, but never diminished her indomitable spirit. She became one of the state’s most recognizable figures – a larger-than-life personality often seen on our stages and screens and in many a theatre lobby supporting the art form she loved so much. -- Steve Wilson

Just before going to press we learned of the passing of Bev Newcomb-Madden. Please take a look at John Moore's article.

Focus on The Community: A Survey
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Workshop Committee News
Thank you, CTG Val-A-Grams!
On behalf of the Colorado Theatre Guild, we want to say, “Thank you CTG Val-A-Grams!” We are immensely grateful, and enjoyed making people smile with our special video messages. Your love and generosity during such difficult times continue to show the resilience and beauty of this community. Your continued support with your participation and donations is a vital part of this organization! We look forward to continuing our work in supporting and engaging with you.

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