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September 2021

Welcome to the September issue of the District 42 Monthly Dispatch for the 2021/2022 Toastmaster year. We are pleased to announce Twila Tayfel as the new Dispatch Editor. Explore the articles below to help you kickstart the new Toastmasters season with a bang. Find out what is happening in our District. We look forward to your feedback. Send your comments to d42PRM@shaw.ca
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In this issue:
  • Message from District Director
  • Message from PQD
  • Membership Fees are Due
  • Fall Speech Contests Online
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Youth Leadership Program Online
  • TI Club Awards & Incentives
  • Blog
  • Harvey's Tech Corner
  • Guidelines & Publication Rules
  • District 42 Member Achievements
  • Education Awards
  • Club Anniversaries
  • Newly Chartered Clubs
Could You Be Getting More Out of Toastmasters?

When I began my Toastmasters journey in 1998 at Bedstone Olympics Toastmasters I had no idea I would ever become a future District Director. Like many of you, we started Toastmasters for one reason and our journey takes us somewhere far better than we could have ever imagined at the outset.  I was an education volunteer at the Calgary Zoo and I wanted to feel more confident when giving presentations about conservation and wildlife, and I needed help developing those skills. Read More...
Trust - A Key Ingredient of Leadership

Most people who join Toastmasters do so to improve their communication skills. Something wonderful happens in the process. As their communication skills improve, other people start listening to their opinions & ideas. Leadership skills develop as members improve in communicating with others. The Toastmaster tagline of ‘Where Leaders Are Made’ is truly fitting. Read More...
Club Treasurers, here are some great tips for making the dues collection process a little easier:   

  • Emphasize the importance of paying dues on time. Start reminding club members as early as possible and reinforce the benefits of the Toastmasters program. If a member is not paid by their club treasurer as of September 30, it will affect their eligibility to compete in the Fall Speech Contests, there is no longer a grace period. 

  • Leverage technology to collect payments. Set up your club to accept e-transfers. If your club uses a FreeToastHost website, the club treasurer can e-mail dues invoices, keep track of who has paid with the payment method used, and follow up with those who have not paid yet.
  • Engage your entire officer team and club. When the club officers engage in the dues renewals process it will go more quickly. Let your club know about the club recognition associated with paying dues on time – Distinguished Club Program Goal No. 9 and Club Member Retention Award. Issue the challenge to the club and watch them rise to the occasion. 

Don't forget that membership fees are due by September 30, 2021.
Why Participate In Speech Contests?

  • Opportunity to speak under pressure and challenge yourself to be better.
  • Share a message that you believe in with an audience that should hear it.
  • Meet other strong speakers and learn from their communication styles.
  • Gain experience speaking in front of large groups and unfamiliar people.
  • Check the D42 Event Calendar for the contest dates.

Planning Your Club Contests

 A Toastmasters tradition, Speech Contests provide an opportunity for Toastmasters to grow and perfect both their speaking and leadership skills. Perhaps you don't feel ready to compete quite yet?
There are other options available to make the event a success for your club. Volunteering for them helps you develop knowledge and understanding of what is necessary to create a winning speech.
The deadline to complete Club contests is October 23, 2021. Please speak with your Area Director about scheduling your event.
Are You District 42's Next Webmaster?

If this is not you check out these other opportunities.
Contact your District 42 Director Katrina Aburrow.
Club Coaches - District 42

The Club Growth Team is actively recruiting for Club Coaches who are appointed to clubs that have 12 or fewer paid members. They play an important role in assisting clubs to grow their membership and build stronger clubs. For more information about this leadership opportunity, check out “Who is a club coach?”

Be a club coach today! There are a number of opportunities within the District.  If you are interested in helping a club, please contact your District 42 Coach Committee Chair Eugene Sicat.
Toastmasters District 42 Youth Leadership Program

Toastmasters International has been invested in the Youth for many years. They’ve put together a training that was implemented successfully over time. However, Christina Kruis, Direct Past District Director for District 42, felt that to connect with younger kids, we had to adapt the program in such a way that we could engage with them. Read more...
TI Club Awards & Incentives
Program Dates: August 1 – September 30

Can your club add five new, dual, or reinstated members with a join date between August 1 and September 30?
Accomplish this goal and you’ll qualify to receive a Smedley Award ribbon, named in honor of Ralph Smedley, which you can display on your club’s banner. Qualifying clubs can also earn a special discount code for 10% off their next club order.

Helpful tips: 
  1. Host an Open House event
  2. Advertise in your local newspapers, newsletters, and/or place.
  3. Host a bring-a-friend event where every member brings one friend to your meeting.
  4. Host a special event e.g., a breakfast event, special speakers

Work with your club members, and plan for success. The Clubs achieving this award will win a Portable blue tooth speaker.

  • Renew and update Club Success Plan and submit to AD.
  • Update your TMI Roster
  • Conduct the “Moments of Truth” from the Successful Club Series
Happy 30th Anniversary to Calgary Pace Setters!

The Calgary Pace Setters Toastmasters Club celebrated its 30th anniversary on May 1, 2021. In honor of the occasion, a special meeting was held virtually on Tuesday, May 4th, 2021. Numerous current and past members along with distinguished Area, Division, and District guests attended the virtual party. Read More...
Zoom Tidbits by Harvey Taphorn

Most, if not every Toastmaster in District 42 (Southern AB & SK) has experienced Zoom. And you can obtain your own account from Zoom, for free. In fact, many people use Zoom this way. Sure it has limitations compared to a paid account, but what you get for free, is an outstanding deal. And it allows you to play around with Zoom, and not break anything.
DTM Recognition 2020-2021
Grant Hanna
David Wing
Diana North
Madan Bhatta
Dave Schaaf
Dorothy Jones
Scott Humphreys
Dunstan Taylor
Michael Hurd
Robert Rodgers
Kanak Khare
Behnam Founini
Lorraine Sottie
Brenda Patterson
Duncan Schuett

Pathways Mentors
Lisa Branch
Christopher Patterson
Dunstant Taylor
Darlene Davies
Lynette Zotzman
Fietje Van Der Lee
Carlo Velcic
Joseph Macdonald
Susan Faber
Joyce Allen
Christina Kruis
Mary Schoendorfer
Shauna Conard
Margaret Ustupski
Grant Hanna
Cathie Belenky

2021 - 2022
Jacqueline Schnider
Daisy Wei
Sayamal Gore
Triple Crown 2020-2021
Abraham George
Antoinette McNeill
Brenda Patterson
Camille Gibney
Christina Kruis
Darlene Davies
Daisy Wei
Dawn Thomas-Cameron
Glenn Malcolm
Grant Hanna
Harvey Taphorn
James Albers
Joanne Smith
Joyce Allen
Lisa Branch
Margaret Ustupski
Mary Schoendorfer
Michael Botham
Rebecca Klepic
Randy Maus
Ray McPhee
Richard Myers
Roopmarthi Gunna
Shauna Conard
Susan Faber
Tim Borys
Wendie Swirski

Successful Club Coaches 2020-2021
Abraham George
Princeton Lau
Jocelyn Hastie
Gail Lynne Sherley
Daisy Wei
Cindy Guan
Ann Nakaska
Tim Borys
Ray L. McPhee
Justice Daka
Anne Marie James
Doug Bell
Susan Joy Berger

And the Award goes to....
June & July's Educational Award Recipients
Congratulations to all of our Educational Award recipients! 126 awards were submitted for the last two months. Click below to see the full list of awards.
Happy Anniversary!
CONGRATULATIONS to the following clubs celebrating an anniversary this month!

Absolutely Fabulous Toastmasters | September 1, 2013
Meets Tuesday mornings,  9:30 -10:30 am.
Inspired Toastmasters | September 27, 2005
Meets Tuesdays, 7:00 - 9:00 pm.
ShawMasters Toastmasters | September 27, 2011
Meets Wednesdays, 5:15 - 6:30 pm.
Centennial Toastmasters Club | September 4, 2015
Meets Wednesdays at 12:00 pm.
Newly Chartered Clubs!
CONGRATULATIONS to the newly chartered clubs!

Meeting Times: 2nd & 4th Tuesday 7:00 PM