February 25, 2019

Our Facebook Party Pro: Part 2 is tonight, Monday, February 25 at 8:00 PM Central Time. Set a reminder on your phone and click on the link a few minutes before the broadcast begins to join us live in the L'BRI Consultant Forum.


You'll learn:
  • The #1 thing you need to do to build relationships and increase engagement!
  • 5 smart ideas to work around Facebook notifications and take control of your party!
  • A fun game idea that can get you immediate RESULTS!
  • What to post each day so party guests will be wanting to buy, book, and do what you do! And you won't feel salesy or pushy.
  • How to use Google Forms to create an easy follow-up system, and generate more sales, bookings and sponsoring leads!

Don't miss this valuable training that will help you expand your L'BRI business. How would adding just 1 new Facebook Party to your home party calendar each month increase your sales? Based on the L'BRI Facebook party average of about $450, holding 1 online party a month could add $5,400 to your sales total each year! Holding 2 Facebook parties a month can add over $10,000 in additional sales! What can you do with that added income?

See you tonight!


PS: If you missed Facebook Party Pro: Part 1, you can watch the replay HERE:

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Lin Ragle