Today we have something unique, Marco Capra Langhe Nascetta 2019. Nascetta is what makes this wine truly special; a grape that was nearly extinct. The Nascetta grape is a difficult vine to grow, it requires tremendous work and will turn to a bush if not tending regularly, yields can be out of control or non-existent and if grown in the wrong soil may end up tasting like soap . However, when done correctly the quality of the wine produced from this vine has been written about since the 1800's and it is because of that a few producers chose not to pull old Nascetta vines and by a few I mean all of Piedmont was down to a few rows of the vine.  
In a famous tasting in 1993 Elvio Cogno and Valter Fissore sat down with a journalist and tasted some bottles of 1986 Nascetta, long story short it was written; "It was a white wine without equal in the Langhe." From there the revival has been slow, but we have on our hands today what could be considered the King of white wines in the Piedmont region. The production is tiny as there are only about 20 hectares of vineyard planted in all of Italy so supply will always be limited, but that's just something else to make it special.
I expected this wine to retail at a much higher price point due to the limited supply and I'm sure as it catches on the producers will start to raise prices, but for now it is a steal! It is in the top 5 Italian whites I've tasted.

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Marco Capra Langhe Nascetta 2019

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