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May 4, 2015 



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By JAH PEOPLE                                 

Philly's Pawn Shop-Based Reggae Band JAH PEOPLE

Spreads The Love In These Turbulent Times

Debut "Rising High" LP Set For June 2 Release


[PHILADELPHIA, PA] There are cover bands...and then there are musical convergences that transcend Philadelphia's local club scene to create a national movement in an often-overlooked lane. JAH PEOPLE is known for moving the crowd with their groove-laced sets that always include improvised interpretations of their primary inspiration, the world-renowned Bob Marley.


Photo by Kevin York  

Multi-cultured JAH PEOPLE, which includes five men and one woman, is the embodiment of Marley's melodic messages of love and good vibes. They've even opened twice for Marley reggae icons, The Wailers. But, peel back the six-member collective's fun, party-infused layers, and you'll find a group of gifted singers and musicians who possess years of experience. "If I had to categorize Jah People - which I wouldn't - I would say we're just a rag-tag group of people that got thrown together just out of playing the love of reggae music", says laid back, dreadlocked drummer Andrew Walls. Add in the fact that they write, rehearse, and record in a pawn shop on a grittier side of Philly, 


Co-founded in 2012 by guitarist, vocalist, gentle giant, and well known "Philly pawn star" Dean Rubenstein, JAH PEOPLE is plotting to capitalize off newly crafted, original music with their upcoming album RISING HIGH and newly relaunched website - the tools they hope will help them spread the love far beyond Philly.


The eight-track RISING HIGH album borrows one hit from Marley - the classic "EXODUS" - and boasts an unlikely but welcome reggae/rap crossover with Philly rap legend FREEWAY. The remaining tracks are soulful and peppered with island flavor, "reggae-fied" in a way that JAH PEOPLE believes only they can pull off. The nearly all original material is anchored by crisp sounds and production from engineer and drummer for The Juggling Suns, Joe Ciarvella of Peach Mountain Recording (who was also the former drummer of The Zen Tricksters with former Grateful Dead singer, Domna Jean Godchaux MacKay). "I think now is a great time for an album like RISING HIGH," says Rubenstein who is all about the theme. "Right now, we're all really excited about this project, and we're 'rising up' to give you a great record and album. I think everyone needs to 'rise up' and be their best - especially in these turbulent times."





FROM RISING HIGH [Release Date: June 2, 2015]


JAH PEOPLE knows that where there is reggae music, peace, unity, and ganja often prevail - but not all the time.


"A lot of people think it's easy to lump reggae music in with smoking weed all the time and just being lazy. But, to play any instrument, it takes a lot of time to hone your craft," reassures Josh Klein, a spirited guitarist and vocalist for the band. "If you're really gonna make people feel something, you've gotta be determined. If you're sitting around smoking weed all the time, it's not gonna happen. BUT, there's a time and place for everything."


Adds keyboardist/vocalist Noah Sokoloff, "We're the City of Brotherly Love, and we might have a hard exterior, but really we care about each other." The bearded brute might otherwise be mistaken as a bouncer but turns out to be a loving, key-stroking, new father. He notes, "We care about this band, and we love each other. The music kind of speaks for itself - it's all about the love."


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Engineered and co produced by Joe Ciarvella of Peach Mountain Recording - currently Drummer for The Juggling Suns
drummer of The Zen Tricksters with former Grateful Dead singer Donna Jean Godchaux MacKay 

formerly drummer of The Zen Tricksters with former Grateful Dead singer Donna Jean Godchaux MacKay .


Sundays-August        Summer Sunday Residency - El Barrio, Southampton, PA

May 17                       Connie's Ric Rac (Italian Market Festival), Philadelphia, PA   

May 29                       Record Release Party - Havana!, New Hope, PA

May 30                       Brickhouse Brewery, Patchogue, NY

June 12                       In & Out of the Garden We Go Festival - Snipes Farm, Morrisville, PA

June 20                       Sweeney's Saloon, Philadelphia, PA



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ABOUT JAH PEOPLE: Roots. Rock. Reggae. #PhillyStyle

As an entity, Philadelphia-based reggae band JAH PEOPLE looks like what one might achieve when crossing the diversity of a United Colors of Benetton ad with the dankest, cheeba-filled juke joint of Kingston, Jamaica. They are individual personalities and talents within their own right - Dean Rubenstein, Alesia Dessau, Noah Sokoloff, Andrew Walls, Mike Stankus, and Josh Klein - tightly wrapped by their love of music like a well-rolled spliff.


In May 2015, JAH PEOPLE blesses the fans with RISING HIGH. the band's first original album including an infectiously brilliant update of Marley's "Exodus", along with a special guest appearance from Philadelphia rap legend FREEWAY on the title track, "Rising High", reggae legend Ras Professor, and much more.





Twitter: @jahpeoplemusic

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Soundcloud: JahPeopleMusic