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"Jakes Law"!
"Jake's Law" is a multi-faceted approach to combatting suicide and substance use through insurance transparency, increased youth access to mental healthcare, and informing future public policy with new sources of data.

"Jake’s Law" is the result of extensive stakeholder input from insurers, suicide prevention and mental health advocacy organizations, providers, hospitals, and concerned citizens.

Founders of the JEM Foundation, Denise and Ben Denslow lost their 15 year old son, Jake to suicide on January 11, 2016. They, along with everyone at the JEM Foundation (honoring their sons name, Jacob Edward Machovsky ) are on a mission to ensure that no other family feels the pain associated with suicide and that no one has to battle any form of mental illness alone and without proper treatment. 
Senator Brophy-McGee sponsored SB 1523: Mental Health Omnibus aka "Jakes Law" and Representative Wenninger sponsored HB2764. Both bills have been assigned to the Health and Human Services Committee and the Appropriations Committee in both the House and Senate.


What Is "Jakes Law?"
  • Requires insurance cards issued in Arizona to clearly identify which governmental agency to contact for questions or to file complaints. 
  • Requires insurers to file a comparative analysis report with the Department of Insurance every three years or whenever there is a substantive change in a health plan, demonstrating their compliance with federal parity laws. 
  • Requires the Department of Insurance to establish a consumer-friendly webpage containing resources pertaining to mental health parity, a step-by-step guide on how to file parity violation complaints, and a summary regarding insurers’ compliance with mental health parity laws. 
  • Prohibits an insurer from denying a claim for mental health or substance use benefits based solely on the grounds that the service was provided in an educational setting or was court-ordered. 
  • Establishes a Mental Health Parity Advisory Committee to provide the Director of the Department of Insurance advice on case management, discharge planning, and expedited review and appeals processes for cases involving suicidal ideation. 
  • Establishes and appropriates $100,000 for a Suicide Mortality Review Team within the Department of Health Services. 
  • Expands access to behavioral health services in schools by establishing a fund to help students covered by private insurance but who are unable to afford their copay or deductible. 
  • Requires and appropriates $300,000 to the Department of Education to conduct a study to determine the adequacy of behavioral health services offered in schools. 
  • Requires the Department of Health Services (DHS) to establish rules for discharge protocols for patients admitted for suicidal ideation or a suicide attempt, including information on crisis services, referrals, insurance appeals processes, and suicide risk assessments. 
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