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Weekend of Jan. 11th & 12th, 2020

Dear Friends and members,

Happy New Year! In our church January always begins with a similar focus for our community.  It is characterized by two themes: first, heading toward our annual meeting (this year Sunday February 2 at 10:30) and 2) second, sinking in to the season of Epiphany, which always begins on that feast day, January 6th, and is followed by the feast of the baptism of our Lord - this weekend. 

Epiphany and its scriptures and themes are all about the manifestation of Jesus Christ or, how Christ is made known. It is a great time to see how the light of Christ shines, both in our scriptures and as we prepare for the annual meeting.  What better way to look back at our ministry than asking the questions: How was Christ made known at St. Mary's in the last year? How is God calling us to manifest the good news of Jesus Christ in our future? What has God given us, as individuals and as a community to carry out God's mission in this place?

As you prepare for worship this weekend, get ready to hear the story of Jesus' baptism by John in the Jordan. We will also be baptizing John-Michael Joseph Couto on Sunday.  Everyone present will have an opportunity to renew their own baptismal covenant. At Jesus' baptism he came out of the water, and suddenly the clouds opened, he saw the Spirit descend upon him and he heard a voice say, "This is my Son, the Beloved, with whom I am well pleased."  It is a powerful moment of naming and claiming. This is God's beloved and pleasing child. At our own baptism, we experience something very similar.  We are sealed by the holy Spirit and marked as Christ's own - beloved - forever. 

What difference does it make for us, if we remember whose we are and live in that beloved state? Think of the authority given to you as God's beloved child. You are empowered and entrusted with sacred ministry and a mission. I hope it makes a difference for you. 

I am eager to renew our baptismal covenant, to welcome the newly baptized, and to listen for God's call to us as we begin this new year.  You are beloved, carry that around in your heart and mind. Share this good news! See you at church.

In Christ, Jennifer

The Rev. Jennifer Pedrick
Rector, St. Mary's Episcopal Church
A community of Christian Worship, Well-being and Service

-W O R S H I P-
Worship the Lord in the splendor of holiness... - Psalm 96


First Sunday After The Epiphany

The Baptism of The Lord


Access the readings (track 2) HERE

Past sermons can be listened to HERE

Liturgical Ministry Assignments:

 Saturday 5PM
         Carole Nicodemus (1st)

Bob Vergnani

    Murry Edwards

 Sunday 9AM
Crucifer:  Steve Bakios
        Acolytes:  Jennie Nestlerode, Sheila Benevides 

Bill Geasey (1st), Ray Edler (2nd)
Intercessor: Cindy Dube
LEM: Michelle Freitas
              Greeters: Pauline Davis, Rayna Lombardo

  Ted Bierman - Counter
    Harry Gustafson - Pledge clerk

Coffee Hour Host: Jon Walker

Alter Guild: 
Ann Gizzi, 
Joanne Gracia, 
Kari Reardon, 
Ruth Siebens

If you're  serving in ministry and want to check your schedule, you can see it on  Ministry Scheduler online

-W E L L - B E I N G-
Growing into the full stature of Christ... - Ephesians 4

Sacred Ground is coming to St. Mary's this month!  Sacred Ground is a film- and readings-based dialogue series on race, grounded in faith.  Small groups are invited over 10 sessions to walk through chapters of America's history of race and racism, while weaving in threads of family story, economic class, and political and regional identity.   The mandatory kick-off will be on Saturday 1/25 from 9-1.  Subsequent meetings will be on Thursday nights from 6-8 pm on the following dates: 2/6, 2/20, 3/5, 3/19, 4/2, 4/16, 4/30, 5/7 and 5/21.  Please register for this program with Lynn Carlson ( ) by January 12th.  
Pledge Envelopes

If you requested pledge envelopes when you filled out your pledge card, 
they will be available in the entrance way to the parish house.  Please 
remember that if you give online or if you are comfortable just dropping 
a check in the collection plate you do not need envelopes and you can 
help save us a few dollars by foregoing the envelopes.
David H. Brierley

Our bishop will be visiting St. Mary's on February 23rd and will offer the rites of Confirmation, Reception, and Re-Affirmation for those who wish.
To express interest & learn about preparation, contact The Rev. Jennifer Pedrick


Adult Bible Study Begins This Sunday, January 12th  
10:30 -11:15 in the Adult Education Room
Our Theme for our Winter-Spring Journey~The Kingdom of God.
Throughout the gospels Jesus is found preaching and teaching about the Kingdom of God. He compares it to so many things; a tiny seed, a hidden treasure, even a bit of leaven.  He also invites us to seek the Kingdom of God, to live in it and surprisingly, to find it nestled in the human heart.
You are invited to come when you can and hopefully, you can come often!
Karen Laroche will once again be our leader and guide.  Please send her an email  and let her know you'll be joining in on the Kingdom of God journey.
Scriptures Mark 1:1-15,   Matthew 3:1-15

Children's classes resume on January 12


-S E R V I C E-
Let the greatest among you be the servant... - Matthew 23



Many parishioners ask how to go about ordering altar flowers in memory of someone or to mark a certain occasion, etc.  If you are interested there are 3 dates open; January 18/19, March 14/15 & March 21/22  Please contact Ann Gizzi (401-846-6282), if interested in one or more of those dates. 



Every ten years the U.S. Census Bureau must conduct a nationwide census. The next  Decennial Census will be taken in April 2020. The Census Bureau is currently seeking to hire local residents to assist with the work.  The jobs feature great pay, $25 per hour for Census Takers in Rhode Island.  The work starts in May and is expected to last 6-8 weeks. The hours and days are flexible, pay is weekly, and there is also paid training and mileage pay.  The assignments are in your own community.  The application process in all online and no resume is required. For more information or to apply online, visit
                     or call 1-855-JOB-2020

Learn how you can help collect important data that will determine your state's representation in Congress, as well as how funds are spent in your community on things like roads, schools and hospitals.

Best regards
Edith M Kloss
Recruiting Assistant
Providence Area Office
U.S. Census Bureau
Field Division

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**Please Note:  As we are entering the season when common illnesses are more prevalent, if you are not feeling well, it may be helpful to abstain from the Cup during Holy Communion.

Recently, many, many organizations, especially churches have been the targets of fraudulent emails. 

They often appear to be from the rector or a staff member. They usually ask for money or personal information. 

If an email looks suspicious before you open it, trust your instinct and DO NOT open it. 

If you are unsure, DO NOT open it. 

If you do open an email and it appears to be asking for money or personal information, DO NOT REPLY and DO NOT send money. 

Jennifer and the SMC staff and leaders will NEVER ask you for money directly via email. 

You can always call or send an email to us if you are not sure. We are aware of the problem and this is part of the technology age in which we live and there is very little that can be done to stop this annoyance, but we should be mindful when opening and replying to emails always. 

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