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AIAA LA-LV Weekly Event Summary (Jan. 13, 2020)
Weekly Member Spotlight: Randi Arteaga
1/13 & 1/15 events for today & Wednesday, please RSVP and attend!
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Member Spotlight of the Week
Randi Arteaga is an undergraduate student at the University of Southern California. She is in her third year working towards a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering. Randi is currently the Chair of the AIAA USC student chapter, and previously served as lead propulsion engineer for the USC AIAA Design/Build/Fly Team. 

Growing up, Randi always had a passion for all things math and science. As a first-generation, female, racial minority student, engineering did not immediately come to mind as a possible degree choice. However, with the help of her high school teachers and endless support from her parents, Randi was able to defy stereotypes and become the first in her family to pursue a STEM degree. Her love for planes then naturally led her to pursue a degree in aerospace engineering. Randi is also currently training to receive her private pilot’s license and hopes to continue flying throughout her career. 

Going into one of the least diverse professions, Randi hopes to continue to break barriers and inspire the younger generation to pursue their passions regardless of their background. As a student member of AIAA, Randi has been able to expand her network and build connections with local aerospace professionals. She is looking forward to continuing her involvement in AIAA, both at the USC student chapter as well as with the LA-LV section.  
Randi Arteaga

University of Southern California 
AIAA USC Student Branch Chair
Call for Donation (items) to AIAA Los Angeles - Las Vegas Section
The AIAA Los Angeles - Las Vegas Section is open for donation of your choice, such as books, models, gadgets, wine, telescope, gift cards, art pieces etc. in mint, clean, intact, working, and presentable conditions. 

These items will be sold off at a silent auction at one of our events when you will be present. The money received from the auction will be given to students with Mr. And Mrs your name scholarship. If the money is used for the event, it will be called Mr. And Mrs your name sponsored event. You will receive a receipt for donation for tax write-off. We are a non-profit organization.

The proceeds of the funds will be used for STEM student scholarship, event expenses, gifts to our speakers / guests, raffle prizes, silent auction etc. Please contact the Section Chairman at [email protected] . Please include the descriptions, recent photos, dimensions, and expiration dates (if applicable). You do not need to be AIAA member to donate or receive scholarship.

Thank you for helping the Aerospace community in Los Angeles Las Vegas region. The events have been immensely popular and have benefited several students in the region. 

This silent auction is first of its kind event, and we request you to provide input suggestions and volunteer your time with ideas.

<Would you like to come up with a way for Interplanetary Space Colonization, and win the AIAA LA LV prize?>

<Would you like to design a human colony in space, and win the AIAA LA LV prize?>
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<Please join, have fun, and network, in the nice Museum of Flying!>
<Enjoy the Aerospace Art and Listen to the Inspiring Talks from two renowned Women Aerospace Artists>
<Join us for our first AIAA YP bowling night! This will be a college themed event.>
<How is it to live and work on the International Space Station, with the international colleagues? Come and join us to learn more!>

<Would you like to grab the opportunities for the upcoming new era of aviation, green, environmental, flying cars, taxi, air transportation, future city, and economies?>
<Please join, have fun, and network, in the Proud Bird with amazing LAX runway views and great collection of airplanes !>

<Would you like to meet with those rising stars in aerospace? Would you like to inspire them or get inspired? Please join us!>

<Advocate for Aerospace on Capitol Hill!>

<Join us and learn about the current development of the technologies for living in space and other planets!>
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1/13 Professional's Networking (Museum of Flying)
1/15 Women in Aerospace Art with Michelle Rouch and Mimi Stuart
1/25 SNC's Propulsion Division History (Mike Carkin)
1/25 AIAA Los Angeles - Las Vegas Section Young Professionals Bowling Night
1/30 In the Line of Duty:
Michael Adams and the X-15
(Michelle Evans)
2/8 Operations Development of the International Space Station
(Mark Pestana)
2/22 AIAA LA LV Electric and Hybrid Aircraft mini-Conference
(The Proud Bird)
2/24 Professional's Networking (The Proud Bird)
3/7 AIAA LA LV University Student Branches mini-Conference 2020
3/18 AIAA Congressional Visits Day (CVD) 2020
4/18 AIAA LA LV New Space mini-Conference 2020
5/7 AIAA LA LV Annual Awards Dinner (TBA)
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