January News
We've got Big News!
Game Changers is here!
What types of players are we striving to develop?

At Buckingham United / CBAA Soccer, our goal is to develop creative, skillful, dynamic players that can influence matches on a regular basis by solving problems. We want exciting, risk-taking, difference-makers on the ball that can make something out of nothing and keep fans on the edge of their seats.
What qualities do our players need?

Our players will be comfortable in and be able to dominate all of the different 1v1 situations that take place over the course of the match: with a defender in front, a defender behind, defender on the side, and defender on an angle. By being a 360° player, our players will be versatile and able to impact matches from multiple positions.

Players will develop the following skills:
-               Dribbling
-               Running with the ball
-               Passing and Receiving
-               Finishing
-               Combination Play
-               Creative Movement
-               And many more!
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Be a Game Changer!
NEW! Game Changer
  • Supplemental year-round training
  • Pricing: $150 per season or $250 for two seasons if registered at the same time.
  • Register before Feb 13th - Introductory price $99! Limited Time!
  • Season (Fall, Winter, Spring) 10 weeks.
  • Held on Friday Evenings
  • Sessions: U07 – U10, U11- U13 &U14+
  • Summer Camps! Week long
  • June and July)
FREE Summer Camp!
July 15th - 18th
6pm - 8pm
Players born 2011 - 2004

14, 15, 18

18th, 19th, 22, 23

May 27th

Game Changers! $99 Sale! Pick from Spring Weekly Clinics or Summer Camps!
Valid through Feb 15, 2019
Buckingham United / CBAA Camps
Game Changers Camp !
New! Day Camps 9am -12pm
June 24-27
July 22-25th
All players born 2004-2011 players! 
Evenings, 6pm - 8pm
July 15 th  – 18 th  2019 
Striker - Keeper Camps
June 24- June 27 (evenings)
July 29- August 1 (evenings)

Additional Camps from our Partners
Full Day Options!
Coerver Day Camps
Returns to Herbst!
July 8-12
Enter raffle to win a free camp registration, brought to you by adidas click here

National Futbol Academy
(NFA Camps)
Delaware Valley University
July 29 - August 1
Details Click Here

Soccer Referee Certification Course

Hosted by Buckingham United/CBAA Soccer

2019 Course Dates to be released by January 28th

Buckingham United / CBAA Soccer is a proud host of the Referee Certification Course(Grade 8 licensing). We graduate up to 28 referees at each ... More
Attention Seniors!
Bob Kline Buckingham United Scholarship Award
Dear Senior Class of 2019 and Soccer Enthusiasts,
To aid in your continued success after graduation, Buckingham United Soccer Club has created a one thousand dollar ($1,000) scholarship, to be awarded to one male and one female soccer player, who has played for Buckingham United Soccer Club during their soccer career. As a current or past member of the Buckingham United family, you are invited and encouraged to apply.
Deadline is February 13th.
Adaptive Needs Soccer
Spring Registration Open FREE!
T he CBAA TOPSoccer program is offered to children from age 5 years old and up. The program consists of weekly one-hour sessions that provide a fun learning environment in which the players can develop soccer-related skills, learn how to play within a team, and build self-confidence in a positive and nurturing environment.
  • Saturday Morning outdoor sessions at Holicong park
  • 10am - 11am
  • Registration is free and includes a uniform!
  • Spring Season: April - June
  • Buddies Wanted! Please register!
CBAA Intramural Spring Soccer 2019
CBAA Intramural Spring Soccer Registration is open. Click Here for Season Details.

NEW! Head Coaching Discount. Contact soccer@cbaasports.org for your promo code!

More Information and Registration Click Here
MLK Challenge in Effect!
How can you help?
Community Outreach News
Service Project to Benefit The Giving Tree
Great for gaining service hours and creating team bonding opportunities!

Teams or friend groups wishing to participate in the annual MLK Day Sock Roll Challenge can do so through January 31. Pick a date, time, and location that works best for your team; the Indoor Training Center has some time slots available. Contact the Soccer Office for availability.

Collect granola bars, peanut butter crackers, and men’s athletic socks and start rolling. Ribbons and tags will be supplied by the club. Contact April Masterson ( april.masterson@cbaasports.org ) with any questions and to receive ribbons and tags if your team will be participating. Please send pictures photos@cbaasports.org of your team rolling to be posted on our social media channels and shared with The Giving Tree! You can also post on our social media site Or tag us!

*Granola bars in 36-48 count box, packs of crackers in 36 count and packs of socks in 12 + are all available at BJs, Costco, Walmart, etc. Value packs are best for this project.

Click here to see Giving Tree Info
We are more than a soccer club! We are United in Community!
MLK Nesh tables 2
Doing good deeds connects you with others in meaningful ways. We are committed to supporting a culture that cultivates a community that cares.

Our members have several initiatives throughout the year that benefits our community and beyond! We have members and teams volunteering their time and talents to help benefit others.

Collecting for a cause! You may have noticed at our soccer events, we have been collecting items of need that includes soccer uniforms & gear. This winter, we have set up collection bins at the Training Center where you may drop off items any weeknight between 5-8pm, in the waiting area. These items will be distributed locally and globally!
John Adair, Director of Coaching
Our Director of Coaching, John Adair

We will be hosting meetings for coaches and team leadership next weekend, 1/26 and 1/27 from 12pm-2pm at the ITC. We would love to see everyone at one of the two meetings but each team is required to have at least one member of its leadership attend. Everyone that can make one of the meetings is encouraged to attend. Lunch will be provided.

We will cover a few of the changes taking place at the club and look to get your input on some things that you would like to see in the future. This will be a great opportunity for everyone to have their voice heard and work together towards making a positive impact on the club. We will also have a small coaches clinic at the end.

Please take the time to RSVP HERE Questions? Contact John Adair
Sponsorship Initiative
A theme you will hear from CBAA Soccer more and more in the coming months is #WeDoMore. Working together, we can do so many great things for our athletes.

We recently unveiled our new sponsorship program - and together we can make this successful. We now are focused on year-round sponsorships. And, to appeal to a wider audience, we have sponsorship opportunities for businesses both big and small, as well as for families. 

Some highlights of the new program:
* Business sponsors benefit as they get their brand and business name out to the many visitors who come to CBAA Soccer fields and facilities, and who  ... [ read more ]
It's Happening!
Adult Soccer Teams
Thank you to everyone who responded to our Adult Soccer Survey. We have had a huge response! Planning is underway. Be on the lookout for an upcoming informational and planning meeting. Questions? Please reach out to John Adair or Justin Menard
You make the difference! Thank you!
Thank you to all of our members who have shared their time and talents throughout our soccer year. Our program has grown over our 45 year plus history! We always have room for new ideas and volunteers to help support our many initiatives!

We are looking to fill some open spots on our soccer committee as well as key leadership volunteer roles throughout our Travel, IM and TOPSoccer & other programs.

Interested in any of the following?
Assistant Director of Fields and Facilities (or subcommittee)
Assistant Director of Finance (or subcommittee)
Age Group Coordinators (Junior and Senior Division)
Communications and PR
Health and Wellness Committee
-First Aid/CPR
-Concussion Awareness
-Injury Prevention
Sponsorship and Fundraising 
Club Historian

Please contact any soccer committee member or our office at soccer@cbaasports.org
College Fit Finder
CBAA and Buckingham United are thrilled to announce a new service we have been awarded. Our Club was fortunate enough to be granted a scholarship through United Soccer Coaches for College Fit Finder . Their mission is “to provide a full spectrum of progressive solutions for high school student-athletes and their families to combat the obstacles faced during the recruiting process.” In other words, this amazing service usually priced at $4,200/year will be available for free to all of our club members for a year to ease the daunting process of finding the right fit for continuing education. 
One of the great things about College Fit Finder is the versatility it offers. This is not specific to student-athletes who want to continue as student-athletes at the collegiate level. Their system [.. read more … ]

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