Happy New Year from Sagicor! We’re kicking off 2024 with a strategy for business owners, a Milestone MYGA rate and renewal commission reminder, and ideas for Peak 65 conversations starters. 


Section 162 Bonus Plans for business owners 

The tight labor market eased recently, but economists and demographers say aging boomers, smaller subsequent generations, and lower birth and immigration rates indicate a long-term labor shortage and ongoing hiring challenges.1 


Help business owners find and keep employees, especially those with unique skills, by letting them know about Section 162 Bonus Plans. Share this case study to show them how a Section 162 Bonus Plan featuring Sage Indexed Universal Life Insurance (Sage IUL) captures multiple benefits for their business and their key employees. Remember to add your contact information on page 3!


Milestone MYGA rate and renewal commission reminder

Don't forget about our latest Milestone Multi-Year Guaranteed Single Premium Deferred Annuity (Milestone MYGA) rates and our renewal commission program, which makes this fixed annuity even more attractive.  

National Milestone MYGA rates


The care crisis is here — help your clients prepare 

As more Americans age, many will face serious issues finding appropriate, affordable care. Even those who planned ahead by purchasing long-term care insurance now find themselves frustrated by the claim process, lack of providers, and coverage gaps that can be financially catastrophic.4 


During client meetings, remember to discuss asset diversification with an eye toward future care needs. Share this flyer to educate your clients on the advantages of our IUL portfolio, which features a built-in Accelerated Death Benefit Rider at no additional cost.5, 6, 7 If your client develops a chronic or terminal illness, these policies advance a portion of the death benefit, generally tax free, to be used however they see fit.8, 9


Future tax increases are a top concern for workers 

A new study on market perceptions shows 72% of respondents anticipate higher taxes will reduce their future income from 401(k)s and IRAs. Just as important? 73% say they will switch advisors if they fail to address potential tax risks in retirement.10 


Show your clients you’re ready to assist them and their tax and estate team by sharing this case study featuring Ashley, 40, a pharma executive with a growing income who’s seeking tax-advantaged ways to save more for her future.


For more information, please call the Producer Resource Center at 888-724-4267, ext. 4680 or email [email protected].

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1Casselman, Ben and Smialek, Jeanna. “Vermont May Be the Face of a Long-Term U.S. Labor Shortage.” The New York Times. November 12, 2023. 

2Years referenced are contract year terms. Interest rates are current as of December 20, 2023. Current rates are subject to change at any time and at the discretion of Sagicor Life Insurance Company. 

3Milestone MYGA’s Guaranteed Minimum Interest Rate, following the Initial Guaranteed Interest Rate, is currently 1.25%. 

4Rau, Jordan and Aleccia, JoNel. “Why Long-Term Care Insurance Falls Short for So Many.” The New York Times. November 22, 2023. 

5Not all rate classes of WealthCare Indexed Single Premium Universal Life Insurance will be eligible for chronic illness protection. 

6Not long-term care insurance. 

7Chronic illness protection is not available in CA. 

8The amount received will be less any withdrawals, indebtedness, and benefit payments. 

9This assumes the insured is the policyowner and that the amount of benefit collected is less than the per diem or actual expenses, whichever is greater. 

10Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America. “2023 Q3 Quarterly Market Perceptions Study.” September 26, 2023. 


Products issued by Sagicor Life Insurance Company. Home Office: Scottsdale, AZ. Products not available in all states, and state variations may apply. Sagicor does not provide tax or estate planning advice. Your client(s) should consult with their tax advisor(s). Annuities and life insurance products have limitations and restrictions, including surrender charges. Sagicor issues other fixed annuities and life insurance products with similar features, benefits, limitations and restrictions. Contact Sagicor for more information. Policy Forms: ICC171017, 1017CA, 1017FL, 1017, 1017ND, ICC191021, 1021CA, 1021FL, 1021 and 1021ND. Rider Forms: ICC106035, 6050CA, 6050, 6050DC, 6050SD, ICC196070, 6070, ICC196073 and 6073. Contract Forms: ICC173008, 3008CA, 3008FL, 3008 and 3008ND. .


Sagicor is rated “A-” (Excellent) by A.M. Best Company (4th best out of 16 possible ratings), affirmed as of October 20, 2023. Rating and guarantees based on the claims-paying ability of Sagicor Life Insurance Company. 

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