January 20, 2023

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The mission of Jasper Middle School is to educate all students in a safe environment and to empower all to be lifelong learners and productive citizens. 

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How to Help Your Child Set New Year’s Resolutions and Stick To Them

Every new year is a chance to make a fresh start with new resolutions. New Year’s resolutions aren’t just for adults, either. They’re for everyone! Since it is the beginning of 2023, now is the perfect time to work with your child on setting attainable goals and sticking to them throughout the year. 

Now that winter break is over and everyone is back in class, it’s a great time to reinforce setting academic and personal goals. Wondering how to help your middle school child set New Year’s resolutions and keep them?  

Setting New Year’s resolutions can be daunting for anyone, no matter your age. It doesn’t have to be challenging, though! 

Start by encouraging your child to focus on their strengths and then think about ways to improve them. Maybe your student excels in math, for example. Perhaps he or she can join a math club to strengthen their skills and even compete against other students. Or, say your child is good at soccer – ask them if they want to set a resolution to try out for a soccer team at school or a local club. 

Types of Resolutions for Middle Schoolers 

New Year’s resolutions for middle schoolers usually fall into a few different categories: social, academic, athletic, and personal. Have a pressure-free conversation with your child on what they’d like to achieve personally or academically this year. If you see they are struggling with an academic subject, try to set resolutions around improving in a specific, attainable way.  Resolutions your child can make might sound like:   

I will…

  • Read 30 minutes every day

  • Ask my teacher for help improving my study habits by the end of this week

  • Organize my backpack every night 

  • Practice my sport every week for at least 15 minutes a day 

  • Run around the block every day

  • Keep my room clean every day

  • Do my school work as soon as I get home

  • Pay attention in class every day

  • Watch one less TV show per day

  • Spend 30 minutes less time playing computer games per day

  • Find a new hobby this month 

  • Join a club or after-school activity before the school year ends

  • Volunteer with a local organization this year 

It’s up to you and your child on how many resolutions you want to make. Try not to be too forceful on which resolutions you’d like them to make or how many. 

You can help support your child and encourage them to keep their New Year’s resolutions in many ways. 

Be excited about your child’s resolutions. Let them know that this is a chance to learn and get better together. Your child will tackle resolutions with more enthusiasm if you seem positive about the process.

Resolve to make this year fantastic! 

                                                                                                           - Adapted from Lamad Academy, 2022

School Advisory Council

Our school advisory council will meet at 4:00 in the media center.

Future dates:

February 8, 2023

April 12, 2023

May 17, 2023 (if needed)

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PJHS Cheer Parent Interest Meeting: Thursday, February 9th 6:00pm at PHS Auditorium.  2023-2024 Cheer Season: Open to upcoming 6th & 7th grade students.

Please attend this meeting to learn about tryouts, commitment and to have questions answered.

Winter Break

There will be no school the week of February 20th- 24th. Students will return Monday, February 27th.

Please remember that when your child is absent they can log in to itslearning.com to find their classroom assignments. If they are home due to quarantine, they are expected to log on.

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