September 30, 2020

The Daily Word is timeless. Each week in this space we invite you to enjoy a Daily Word reading from the past. 

The Daily Word
September 30, 1936

Christ Presence


IN THE study of practical Christianity, we give considerable thought to the presence of the Spirit of Christ within us. We realize that this is the divine part of our nature. We knew that through Christ comes whatever blessing we seek. We realize that Christ is the source of every good that comes into our life.

Many persons are so engrossed in adversity that they do not know how to turn to Christ. Evil is so real to them that they have not found the reality of Christ within them. They need to take their thought off the limitations in their life and direct it to the presence of Christ.

Christ in you is that manifestation of your Father which is made tangible to you as wisdom, peace, joy, love, courage, health, and plenty. Christ is the manifestation of the universal God that is accessible to man for man's needs. Christ is that divinity which Jesus shares with you as brother and companion.

Christ in you, the hope of glory.COL. 1:27

"Jericho Walls" explores the walls that we face in society. How we create walls without even knowing it. And questioning how we can make those walls . . . come tumbling down. 

The bulletin for our Sunday celebration this week
October 4, 2020

Services are live-streamed at 10:00am. 

"See you there!" 

Please note, our Sanctuary is open to 4 or 5 congregants at this time.  
If you would like to attend in person, you will need to reserve your spot by calling or emailing the office at
610-965-3036, Option 1

Masks and 6-foot distancing required
Rick Stober is inviting you to join him on Zoom for a daily "coherence call" at 11:30am each morning. Feel free to join once a week or every day!  

Please join Rick for the Coherence Call via Zoom:
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Meeting ID: 321 012 0432
Password: Rasur2020

Please join us for "greeting time" in our live-stream service!

Live-streaming will begin at 9:55 am! You can join the video and in the comments say "Good Morning" and send greetings to your fellow congregants as we countdown to our service beginning at 10:05.   
Title: Remember Who You Are

Description: When we wake up and remember who we truly are as Sovereign Divine Beings of Light, we live our life from that point of view. We let go of fear, anger, and sadness, and see the world and our life as our own creation happening in Perfect Divine Order, in Perfect Divine Timing. We start to live our unique Divine Purpose.
The ULV Board of Trustees sent out a letter to members and friends of Unity of Lehigh Valley last week.

The Board wants to keep everyone informed on what is happening at ULV. If you are not on the mailing list to receive the letter, we invite you to click on the link above to read this important update from the Board.
Thanks to the 10 women who braved the current situation and came to a lovely and safe weekend 2 weeks ago at Adams Ocean Resort, Dewey Beach, Delaware. We had most of our group activities -Friday dinner and Saturday breakfast, out of doors and logged into Zoom Sunday am for the ULV service!

A hopeful decision was made to reserve for next year, with a change to 3 nights in all of the 3 villas(max 5 in each) at an estimated cost of $275, pending 2021 price verification, with deposits of 50% due by Jan 31, 2021. Dates are Sept 17-20, 2021. We have 11 interested so far, and It's open to any women.

If you are interested, please let Ginny Stanglein know by January; deposits only refundable if the State of Delaware closes resorts due to Covid, which we pray won't be as much of an issue by then. If we need more space, we can check if they have other villas or motel rooms available.

Blessings to all, Ginny
We come together as a congregation in mind and soul in affirming our right and perfect permanent minister will appear to us easily. 

Unity of Lehigh Valley continues to incur routine bills, even while we are not meeting in our sanctuary. Your continued gifts assure the ongoing work that we do and maintaining our building to return to.

There is a DONATE button on the top navigation of our website.
Donations include online and mailed in checks directly to ULV and encompass through 9/30/2020.
Additionally you can mail checks directly to the church at ULV, 26 N 3rd Street, Emmaus, PA 18049 or set up a weekly or monthly payment directly from your bank. Contact the church office if you have questions about how to get your tithe to the church.

What Are You Grateful For?
Thank you to Rev Julie Vance for her uplifting message on Sunday.

We are grateful to the congregant who donated $348.00 to alleviate some of the cost of our necessary upgraded AV equipment. Your generosity is so very much appreciated!
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