July 11, 2020
More on diving... without the water...

A few weeks ago I was delighted to have as my guest in the studio Joe Mabe, of Hyperbaric Fitness, LLC .

If you were tuned into that program, you were likely as fascinated as I was to learn of the health benefits related to "diving" down to about 50 feet under the water surface.

Joe has built two comfortable "tanks" for people to enjoy this kind of "dry dive," and people are diving in droves these days to enhance their overall health and to deal with troubling health problems.

You may have read about all of this in a recent issue of The Monadnock Shopper News , as well.

Joe Mabe makes it clear he is not a doctor but a diver.

He doesn't treat health problems or cure anything, but he does offer the dry dive to any and all wishing to enhance their health through the shrinking of oxygen molecules that makes them go wherever they need to go with greater ease (blood plasma), AND in the process creates stem cells that go about their business of supporting health wherever that might be in an individual's body.

This is at least my own rudimentary understanding of the basics.

Today, Joe and I will talk about diving again, but we also want to move beyond that into other supportive methods of natural health we both use, from diet, to lifestyle changes, to certain key nutritional supplements. We share in the care of many people, and we will be talking about some of their stories, too.
This week in the Covid Corner
Of course, I - and many or most - wish we did not have to keep speaking about this subject. However, my responsibility as a healthcare practitioner is to get information out to any and all I can regarding what is going on behind the scenes with regard to this so-called "pandemic" that is blatantly raping us of all we hold dear.

This is information that is critically important and is purposely not reported in the morning, daily, or nightly news.

Most of my audience is grateful for my speaking out; in fact, someone told me yesterday I need to be "louder." (Oh... don't encourage me!)

Others have taken offense. Someone emailed this week that she needed to cancel her appointment because I used my newsletter to promote my own personal views, which didn't agree with hers. That's fine.

But... it is MY newsletter, right?

If you are offended or simply not interested in the info I present here, please be sure to go to the bottom of the page where you can easily unsubscribe.
In short, this doctor in west Texas has been using a simple combination of budesonide (aka Pulmicort), which has been around for some 20 years and is a corticosteroid inhaled and used as an asthma attack prevention. It is safe. It is used by children every single day.

It is effective for preventing the inflammatory cytokine explosion that happens with Covid.

In addition to budesonide he uses a specific antibiotic as a prevention of secondary pneumonia infection, and zinc, which stops replication of the virus. He has had a 100% success rate with his patients and has done this WITHOUT needing any of them to be admitted to the hospital.

In this interview, you will hear him tell how in Taiwan, with a population of 24 million and socially distancing impossible, there have been only seven deaths attributed to Covid-19.


In Japan and Singapore, similar.

They have been using inhaled corticosteriods similar to budesonide.

Why aren't we hearing about this?

Budesonide is off patent and costs very little. There is absolutely no profit for anyone here. $200 out of pocket but with insurance likely zero out of pocket. Done.

Hospital admission for Covid is an instant 9K for the hospital. Use of a ventilator is an instant 29K for the hospital. Billions and billions of your tax dollars through the National Institute of Health (NIH) are at this very moment being funneled to Big Pharma for the creation of the Covid vaccine we keep being told we desperately need.


This is not for your safety or for your health, people, it is for your money and your obedience. Let's all please wake up.
" Fauci’s infusion made Moderna CEO  Steve Bancel a billionaire  and further enriched Fauci’s mentor and co-investor  Bill Gates.  

It may also explain why  Fauci publicly announced he was “encouraged”  by Moderna’s catastrophic Phase 1 clinical trials despite the fact that  20% of the high dose and 6% of the low dose groups  of super healthy volunteers had Grade 3 “ severe or medically significant ” reactions following vaccination.

Those results would have spelled DOA for any other medical product. After getting the abysmal news, Bancel and four other Moderna executives immediately dumped  more than $89 million in stock  and Fauci was forced to make his  optimistic public assessment  to save Moderna’s plummeting shares from death spiral."
Salivating over the "vaccine..."
"New documents obtained by  Axios  and  Public Citizen  suggest that the National Institute of Health (NIH)  owns half the key patent  for Moderna’s controversial COVID vaccine and could collect half the royalties. In addition, four NIH scientists have filed their own provisional patent application as co-inventors. Little known NIH regulations let agency scientists collect up to  $150,000.00 annually in royalties  from vaccines upon which they worked. These rules are recipes for regulatory corruption."
A dear friend and client and Keene resdient, Gerhard Bedding , shared this important video with me. Please realize we are not being served, we are serving.

Doctors Break Down COVID Response and the Demonization of HCQ | DOCTORS TELL ALL

Proactive Health Collective of Keene
Yesterday my colleagues and I talked about brain health AND the importance of freedom when it comes to our health choices, availability of info, and more. In two weeks, July 25, Dr. Gene Clerkin and I will be on the radio delving much deeper into our concerns to what is happening in our world when it comes to repression of information and the threat to those of us who work in the realm of healthcare outside the AMA.

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