October 23, 2021

Joe Mabe of Hyperbaric Fitness in Swanzey, NH, joins me in the WKBK studio once again. He has some exciting updates to share - not only about diving for health but other important info regarding the top health issues concerning us all today.

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Anthony Fauci finally admits what people like me knew as soon as Covid-19 was revealed. The corona viruses are patented by the CDC, worked on for years in gain-to-function research here in the land of the free and the brave, and finally sent over to Wuhan courtesy our tax dollars through the NIH when the going got tough.

How it took the press so long to dig it up is a mystery, and this is an immoral and unethical contagion no vaccine will ever be able to touch.

So why is Anthony Fauci walking around free, and why are we listening to his latest advice regarding what we should and shouldn't do?

In addition, the shots are NOT proven safe and effective.

The Pfizer shot that is said to have FULL FDA APPROVAL is not the Pfizer shot you are getting. It is not available at this time.

The industry is figuring out that most of us DO NOT WANT IT and are bewailing the loss of profit as the expiration clock keeps ticking and their greedy dollar projections go down the drain.

Covid-19 is easily prevented and treated, but most do not get any real treatment.

Why, Dr. Caruso, "expert" family physician here in Keene, are monoclonal antibodies not available at the hospital? A client told me she wanted those for her husband but told they are only offered in outpatient clinics. Dr. Caruso, here's another question: what about your hospital's employee with full-blown ataxia following her second jab? Oh, I know, no connection. Dr. Caruso: Your ad on WMUR says to talk with your doctor regarding the suitability of the vaccinations for you. Have you ever recommended anyone NOT get the shots?

Coercing people to take into their bodies any medical procedure they do not want is disgraceful and criminal and violates the most basic of our human rights.

And don't play the "selfish" card. My not being vaccinated threatens no one. And, if the vaccines actually work, then why does that even matter?

Puppet Joe said during the week, "Number 2: freedom doesn't mean you have the right to kill others." or something to that effect.

Joe Biden: You ARE Number 2 and full of Number 2.

Get out of our lives and leave us alone.

Also, for the public to know, there is NO existing executive order regarding the vaccination mandate to private companies employing more than 100. IT. DOES. NOT. EXIST.

There is NO OSHA rule regarding this and will not be until an executive order is issued.

Sleepy Joe issues executive orders in the theatre only. Do not be deceived and duped.

As a practitioner I am seeing more and more evidence of vaccine side-effect devastation.

And all for a "virus" that boasts a nearly 100% worldwide recovery rate, in spite of killing people with lack of treatment and inappropriate treatments and COVERUP of inexpensive, easily available preventions and treatments that work.

We're over it.
Have a wonderful weekend!