Online Worship - Wednesday Evening Lent
March 24, 2020
Online Midweek Lent Mini-Service
Wednesday 7:00pm

Join us! (14-minute service)

Theme: "Living Stones" - 1 Peter 2:5

You can still view our Facebook page, even if you do not have a Facebook account. Click the link above. Ignore the bar at the bottom when it opens asking you to sign-in or create an account. You are still able to scroll down through our page without doing either of those. Also, there may be a pop-up screen that appears. You need to click "not now" when it again asks you to sign up, then it will go away - - hope that helps!! :-)
Welcome to God's Family!

Pr. Karen baptized twins, Aiden & Finn,Sons to Aaron & Carrie Stilwell, into God's family on Sunday, March 22.

Please include them in your prayers! We also offer special prayers for the family as they travel out of state for Finn to have a medical procedure.

Special thanks to Mona and Sue W. who created these adorable baptism quilts in coordinated patterns for our new brothers in Christ - Finn & Aiden

Thanks for sending Pastor your lesson last week! Great job!

This week: We will have a short Zoom meeting online (time to be announced). We'll do a game and a check-in. Pastor will send out a lesson too.
Finance Update

Our commitment is to keep the congregation informed on our finances. During these extraordinary times it is important for you to know that your council and treasurer are trying to be good stewards of your offerings.
  • Our regular General Offerings for March ($13,500 as of 3/23/20) are consistent with January ($14,082) and February ($14,400)
  • We have income and expense numbers through March 23. The estimated short fall for March is $500, based on assumptions for 5th Sunday income and expenses March 24-31.
  • All snowplowing/sanding and flower orders have been suspended.
  • Thermostats in the sanctuary and narthex have been turned down to 58 degrees
Impact on Personnel
  • Admin Assistant: Even though we no longer need Sunday bulletins, most of the normal admin assistant duties remain the same. In addition, Jan is processing offerings, helping pastor explore alternative worship options, helping the MSP group and starting to create procedure manuals.
  • Janitorial: An increase in scheduled surface cleaning. Special one-time cleaning projects are being addressed
  • Pastor: Exploring new alternative worship options

We cannot thank you enough for your continued faithful support of your church. We have seen an increase in families giving thru our online option. You can mail your offering or drop it off at the office.

Sue Weimer, Council President
Clarke Hemphill, Treasurer
Consider Giving Online
You are welcome to mail your offering to the church (10111 E. Eagle River Loop Rd., ER, AK 99577), or call ahead (694-9601) to drop it off at the office.

You can also give online. Click the blue "Donate" button below. You can give one time or set up a regular, sustained giving schedule using a credit card or a bank draft. Let us know if we can help!
Joy Church Council Members
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The next church council meeting is
Tuesday, April 14th
at 7:00pm.