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April 2018
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AHA Video Corner
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What's The Buzz?
Watch and learn  more about the newly developed equestrian discipline of Western Dressage from one of WDAA's founding members, Cliff Swanson. Western Dressage is open to all breeds of horses and ponies and incorporates western heritage and tradition while utilizing the principles of classical dressage.

*To watch the full video you must be a USEF member. A membership is $25.

Courtesy US Equestrian Learning Center.
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Dates & Deadlines
April 20 - 22, 2018
Midwest Horse Fair; Alliant Energy Center, Madison, Wisc.

June 1, 2018
Performance Futurity/Maturity Nominations
Club Nominations for Board-Elected Positions Due

June 30, 2018
Final Club Membership Count Of Delegates And Alternates To A

July 1, 2018
Second Payment Due For Performance Futurity/Maturity Nominat

For a full list of dates and deadlines click here
Employee Spotlight
Every month, the AHA Insider showcases one of our employees. We want to give our readers an insight as to who works for AHA and what they do for the association. 

Hunter Kiritsis

My name is Hunter Kiritsis, and I just recently moved to Denver from New Jersey (New York metro area) to start my career as a Java Developer. 

During my free time I enjoy studying various programming languages, rocket science, astrophysics, and astrodynamics. I am a living encyclopedia for the video games industry, and I know how to play about a dozen different musical instruments. 

I also enjoy traveling the world and experiencing different cultures through their cuisines.

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2018 AHA Handbook Now Available

The complete collection of rules and regulations that govern the Arabian Horse Association. The rules published herein are effective January 1, 2018, and remain in effect except as superseded by rule changes published on the AHA official website, and in AHA's official periodical, Arabian Horse Life or by subsequent editions of the AHA Handbook.

The full handbook is available on Issuu here.

Show Season Has Begun!

Renew your membership now to avoid the last minute show rush. Click here to log in as a member to process your renewal. If your membership has lapsed click here to update your expired membership today! 

The Arabian Horse Association Launches #JoinTheJourney Campaign

The Arabian Horse Association (AHA) launches the #JoinTheJourney campaign to highlight the membership organization and the Arabian horse. The campaign consists of print and digital advertisements, social media platform material and a commercial comprising of individuals enjoying and bonding with Arabian horses.

Read the full release here. Also check out the campaign commercial by clicking the video image below.

Congress Delays ELD Enforcement for Livestock to September 30


On the heels of the DOT's March 13 issuance of an additional  90-day exemption  from ELD enforcement requirements for livestock, the bill includes a provision that would defund enforcement to at least September 30, which is the official end of the fiscal year. The delay will provide DOT and industry stakeholders more time to educate livestock haulers on the proper scope of the ELD mandate, which has caused uncertainty since being finalized in late 2015. Furthermore, industry's September 2017 request to push back the compliance deadline by a full year is still outstanding, leaving the possibility of another enforcement delay for livestock.

New Barn Construction Drone Footage

Headed to Tulsa for U.S. Nationals this year? Don't wait until you get there to view the new barn construction that   Tulsa Expo Square is working hard on! 

USDF All-Breed Awards

The  Arabian Horse Association (AHA) partners in the United States Dressage Federation All-Breeds Awards. This program honors horses and their owners for competing at both AHA-recognized competitions and open USDF/USEF Competitions.
Participation in this award program is a two-part process: 


  1. It requires yearly enrollment to AHA prior to September 1 of the current competition year ($35 if enrolled within 30 days of the first competition, $45 if after 30 days)
  2. Lifetime declaration with USDF - for first-time participants this must be done by August 1 of the current competition year. Late declarations will be accepted August 2 - 30 with a $100 late fee and September 1 - 30 with a $300 late fee. Click here for USDF rules. 


AHA's participation agreement assures that five placings will be awarded by USDF in the following categories:
Training Level
First Level
Second Level
Third Level
Fourth Level
Prix St. Georges
Intermediate I
Intermediate II
Grand Prix
Junior/Young Rider (Training - Grand Prix)
Vintage Cup (Training - Grand Prix)
Adult Amateur (Training - Grand Prix)
In addition to the awards given by USDF, AHA will award the first place participant in each of the above categories with an engraved AHA Award.
Click  here for the enrollment form.
For additional questions or help with enrollment, please contact a Competitions Representative by calling (303) 696-4500 # 4.


Select New Rules for 2018, effective 12/1/17, unless noted otherwise
AR118 Breeding/Geldings In-hand Championships
  • Yearlings will be able to compete for show championships - Effective 4/1/18. AR118
Ranch Horse Riding
  • AR208 - Appointments - Boots and/or bandages permitted in Ranch Riding - Effective 4/1/18
  • AR220 - Rewording and addition of a new 10 point penalty category - Effective 4/1/18
AR236.1b Hunter Seat Equitation - Appointments - differ from EQ105
Regulation snaffles, pelhams and full bridles, all with cavesson nose bands, are required.   Two-ring bits, kimberwicks, three-ring bits and gags are not considered conventional equipment for hunter seat equitation classes. A judge may penalize a horse with unconventional types of bits or nose bands. Except Jumper Seat equitation AR236.4.e
EQ105.5c Hunter Seat Equitation - Appointments
Boots and conservative colored bandages are permitted on the legs only. An entry will be eliminated for competing with a belly band, or a wrap or bandage anywhere other than the horse's legs.
AR106 - Shoeing (pads) 5.b and 6.h
The introduction of a foreign material within, attached to, or between the pad(s), between the pad and the shoe, between the pad and hoof or in conjunction with the pad or shoe (other than accepted packing material such as oakum, pine tar, silicone, foam rubber, etc.) designed to add additional weight or enhance action is strictly prohibited.
Working Cow
  • AR Chapter - Definitions of what work the various classes require
  • Working Cow Chapter number change - what was Chapter 17, Scoring, is now Chapter 18, Scoring. USEF Rule book will be updated to reflect change.
  • NRHA Short stirrup patterns are now A and B
  • New NRHA 5-point penalties
    • The act of a horse dropping to its knees or hocks
    • Touching the horse with the free hand, except in the freestyle Reining, Entry Level or Youth 10 & Under Short Stirrup classes where this is allowed.
    • 2-point penalties now in the major penalty area and can be reviewed
Members' Tales
This Girl Does It All

Taylor Johnstone, 9, of Berthoud, Colo. has been riding her whole life starting out very early on Radiant Sun, a 32-year-old Arabian.

"I rode all through my pregnancy, so she's literally been riding her whole life," said Taylor's mother, Britany Johnstone.

She's competed in Showmanship, English, Western Horsemanship and Pleasure and Gymkhana, and has participated in parades and is starting low-level Reining.

She has a pony and an Arabian horse, as well as a Navajo pony they foster.
She'll continue to do cattle work, sorting and jumping over the summer.

"I'm grateful for her confidence in her horse and her skills," Johnstone said. "She also holds her own when she gets to the upper levels, I'm grateful she's learned those skills."

Taylor has won the High-Point award in the Johnstown Saddle Club for eight and under; All-Around Champion for Western Division in her age group; a Gymkhana championship, among others.

"Everybody has been so kind," Johnstone said. "She's just really pure of heart, has a love for her animals and she's a good learner, is positive and I think she just likes to share her horses."

"She'll always ride, I'm pretty sure of it."

If you or another AHA member has a story that you would like to share in the AHA Insider, please email Alleynah Cofas at  with the subject line: Member's Tale Story.