July, 2014
  • What will we find in Glastonbury?
  • Thinking about Peru and Bolivia this Fall
  • A Natural Anti-Inflammatory that works!
  • July Message from the Angels, Lee Cook

Will you be there with us?

GLASTONBURY, Heart Chakra Center
September 7 - 15, 2014
September 6 - 7, 2014

Andi Goldman of Healing Sounds will accompany us for special sound attunements at all the sacred sites!!

Did you know.... 

~ That Jonathan and Andi Goldman are currently conducting their Healing Sounds Intensive with 90 people from around the world? Check out their EVENT

~ That Andi Goldman will be accompanying us along our pilgrimage to Glastonbury in September, leading Sounding Circles at all the sacred sites, like at Stonehenge, Avebury, and many more?...and that there is no extra charge for this??
~ Not only that, but it will be her BIRTHDAY during the pilgrimage!
Did you know that...

~ We are wondering what flowers will be blooming in the Chalice Well Gardens.

~ That we might have our Goddess Ceremony in the Goddess Temple in Glastonbury!

~ That we might still have room for YOU!!

We had another great call, full of new information about our Journey to Glastonbury. If you missed it, please listen to the recording, HERE.
People are signing up from around the world and it is a lovely group. We had a couple of last minute cancellations, leaving some spaces left.

We have a couple of spots left! 
More info: 720-350-5754

October 25- Nov 2, 2014 
with optional extension to BOLIVIA!


Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley: Oct 25 - Nov 2.

Extension to Lake Titicaca Nov 2 - Nov 7

Extension to Tiwanaku: Nov 7 - Nov 10


Join us in Peru and Bolivia as we experience the Andes Mountains, the Beautiful Native People, the Feminine Energies and all the Mysticism to be found there.


October 25, 2014 Saturday:

Fly to Lima.

Peru, Sacred Valley section of the trip: 

Sunday, Oct 26 - Sunday, Nov 2, 2014.




We are excited to offer almost 3 full days at Machu Picchu!!! During these days we will explore the ancient Crystal City of Machu Picchu. Then we will discover the Sacred Valley, with its  95 places of power, the Solar City of Cusco, considered the navel of ancient civilization in the Andes and the sacred Temples in and around all these areas. We will have guided tours, ceremonies, with both private time and meditation time. We will be with the local people and enjoying the breathtaking scenery.


November 2, Sunday: 

Today, you can opt to leave for home by flying out of Cusco, to Lima and home that night. Or you can come on the extension to Lake Titicaca, considered the womb of Mother Earth and the seat of the feminine polarity of the planet.  If you chose to continue with us, we will leave Cusco by bus in the morning, arriving in Chucuito on the shores of Lake Titicaca in the late afternoon, after driving through the High Plateau, called the grandest natural altar on planet Earth. We will stop at wonderful places along the way.


Lake Titicaca Extension: Nov 2, Sunday - Nov 7, Friday.

During this week, we will visit the Uros Islands, Amantani

Island, the Amaru Portal, Copacabana, The Islands of the Sun and Moon... some of the most sacred places in the Andes. We will spend a few nights out on the islands with the villagers where there is no electricity, just the sacred lake, the mountains and the amazing sky! On Lake Titicaca we will have special ceremonies and fall in love with the energy of the sacred islands and the Lake Titicaca.



November 7, Friday: Today you can leave from Copacabana for the airport in Juliaca, fly to Lima and home that night; or you can continue on to the Tiawanaku extension with us.


Nov 7, Friday - Nov 10, Monday: Extension to Tiawanaku.

It is silly to be in Bolivia without visiting the amazing site of Tiawanaku. So we are offering a short extension for those who cannot resist the opportunity. We will stay one night in La Paz, the City of Peace and 2 nights in Tiawanaku, visiting the ancient Temples and even a Holy Spring there. On the Nov 10, we will leave for Juliaca, fly to Lima, then catch the evening flt home.


To Read the full itinerary, Please click HERE

Please call if you have any questions: 720-217-1829.





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  Call with questions. 720-217-1829.

Angel Message for JULY 2014
Through Lee Cook

Beloved Ones,
When you experience a state that is in need of a new perspective,  you can choose to rise above the clouds. 
When a person is riding within an airplane there may be a period of time when the plane is in a turbulent  space. You might look out the window and only see clouds of white and gray all around you. Then with the guidance of the captain, the plane climbs higher and rises above the clouds. Suddenly you are traveling in a smoother space where all you can see is blue sky and light on the horizon. When you find yourself in a turbulent place in your life, you too  can rise above the clouds.
You can be the captain of your own plane in your consciousness, choosing to guide your mind and actions to that place beyond the clouds, that place of inner peace that is always available to you. Focus on your final destination of happiness, serenity, peace and joy. We are with you as your navigators, air traffic controllers and celestial crew to assist you in traveling to loving places within your own Soul's experience. Ask and we are always with you.

Your Angels.

Thank You, Until Next Time



"That beautiful season the Summer! 
Filled was the air with a dreamy and magical light; 
and the landscape 
Lay as if new created in all the freshness of childhood."  


 -   Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 




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