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June 2015

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News and Special Promotions
  • June is National Safety Month. Ferguson, Staples Advantage and WESCO all provide a large selection of safety supplies and, in some cases, are running special promotions this month. Be sure to contact your account reps to learn about special deals these vendors may be running in June.
  • Hollinger Metal Edge is currently providing special offers on document cases, card file boxes, preservation envelopes and more. Click here to browse Hollinger's online catalog. Remember to use your Hollinger cooperative discount code on all of your purchases. The code can even be applied to items already on sale! Discount Code: HME1710.
  • PPG Paints has partnered with Walker Glass to debut bird-safe glass with low e-coating. Visula markers on the exterior surface of the glass create contrasting patterns that are easier for birds to see while in flight.


Consolidating Vendors Provides ROI Beyond Better Pricing
by Tom Rogers, CPA
CEO, Vendor Centric

I'm sure you know the pricing benefits you can often get from vendor consolidation. When you spend more money with a single vendor it provides more leverage and, oftentimes, allows you to negotiate better pricing.


But price leverage is only one benefit you can achieve by consolidating your vendors. Read on to hear how one organization consolidated vendors to save money but also achieve a number of other benefits too.


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Keeping a Watchful Eye on Inventory Management to Cut Costs
by Facility Dude

This article comes from our friends at Facility Dude, who will be offering Alliance members an exciting new program through the cooperative later this summer. 


Facility managers are no stranger to conversations with the accounting department. One of the main goals of facility management is to maximize building efficiency while keeping costs down. Fortunately, savvy building managers can find some extra operating cash if they look closely enough in one specific area - their supply closets.


Read the article >>


How to Improve Contract Compliance, One Employee at a Time
by Staples Advantage

Nearly all procurement teams battle maverick spending to some degree. Research shows that every dollar placed under procurement's purview produces savings of 6-12% during its first contract.


Read on to learn about five tips you can implement immediately to improve your organization's contract compliance today.


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