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INSIDE: Meet our newest team members; North Carolina joins Reentry 2030; Maryland shows increase in unsolved violent crimes; and more.

February 9, 2024 | Edited by Kevin Dugan


Meet Our Newest Team Members 

We're thrilled to introduce three incredible individuals who have recently joined the CSG Justice Center, bringing a wealth of expertise and dedication to our senior leadership team. 

Dr. Maya McDoom, Director of Strategic Alignment

Dr. McDoom brings expertise in research and operations with extensive experience from the Center for Policing Equity and CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield, focusing on health equity and program management.

Christopher Horn, Director of Communications and External Affairs

Christopher excels in strategic planning and digital communications and previously led communications strategy development and delivery at C40 Cities and American Forests.

Susan Gottesfeld, Director of Reentry Initiatives

Susan offers extensive experience in criminal justice system support and formerly served as chief program officer at the Osborne Association, specializing in alternative incarceration programs.


Reentry 2030 Update: North Carolina Launches!

Reentry 2030 just launched in its third state, North Carolina! In partnership with the CSG Justice Center and the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Justice Programs’ Bureau of Justice Assistance, North Carolina plans to further its commitment to Reentry 2030’s foundational goals of successful reintegration for every person by launching a Joint Reentry 2030 council; increasing educational and employment opportunities; expanding access to behavioral health services, substance use disorder treatment, and Medicaid; and expanding housing opportunities for people returning from incarceration.

Stay tuned for upcoming editions of the Justice Briefing newsletter to learn more about other states that have launched their participation in Reentry 2030! 


Maryland Crime Trends Show Increase in Unsolved Violent Crimes

Last week, CSG Justice Center staff briefed the Maryland Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee on the state’s violent crime statistics, including information about unsolved violent crimes over the past decade. If you are interested in meeting with the CSG Justice Center’s experts about your state’s violent crime statistics, you can book a meeting.


Pennsylvania’s Short Sentence Parole Program Results in Lower Incarceration, No Increased Recidivism

A recent report from the Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing found that the Short Sentence Parole Program, created through the state’s participation in the Justice Reinvestment Initiative, resulted in lower incarceration rates, fewer reported misconducts, and no increase in recidivism among the people who are incarcerated who took part in the program. Additionally, the program saved Pennsylvania taxpayers $2.75 million through decreased costs. 


Ask the Expert: Case Management at the Los Angeles Police Department

This webinar will explore the Los Angeles Police Department’s distinctive case management strategy, detailing the coordination between mental health professionals and Mental Evaluation Unit detectives to enhance community well-being.


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