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A Newsletter for Our Alumni and Community // March 2015

Winning On and Off the Court

Coach Happy Osborne

Men's Basketball Head Coach Happy Osborne discusses winning and the Wesleyan Way here.


Find out more about Coach Osborne here. 

Alumni Profile
Taylor West '11

Taylor West   

Hometown: Cave City

Major: Visual Communications

Career: Art Director at Tanner+West Design Agency


Why did you choose Kentucky Wesleyan?

 "My mom made me visit colleges all over the state my senior year, but what really set Wesleyan apart was the people I met. The admissions staff and students on campus made me feel at home right away."

Was a design career always your goal?

"I started out as a pre-dental student, but after shadowing a dentist in town I realized that field just wasn't for me. I took a design course my freshman year to fulfill a general education requirement and decided to continue with graphic design classes. That's why I'm a true believer in a liberal arts education - it allows undecided students to discover their passions." 


Describe your Wesleyan years.

"I was always glad I chose Wesleyan. The small college experience was what I needed, especially after graduating from a high school with less than 200 students. Professor Logsdon really helped my classmates and me with our senior art show. I don't think we would have received that personal attention at a large university. I met tons of amazing people and had many opportunities to get involved and develop as a leader."


Partner of a company so soon?

"My internship while a student really helped prepare me and so did the business and entrepreneurship classes I took. Jason Tanner '05 and I started Tanner+West two years ago. Our team helps businesses and organizations with advertising campaigns, branding, print media, video production and web development."


Why did you stay in Owensboro?

"I really enjoyed growing up in a small town and knew I wouldn't ever want to live in a big city. Owensboro is just the right size for me. I grew to love it quickly and really appreciate that the city is so innovative. I knew it would be a great place to raise a family one day." 


A family?

"That's another reason I was very blessed to attend Wesleyan. I met my future wife there. Katelyn Stallings '13 and I are getting married in July, and we can't imagine living anywhere else."

Faculty Profile
In Her Own Words

Professor Heather Logsdon   

Professor Heather Logsdon, MFA

Assistant Professor of Art and Graphic Design

Director of the Art Program

Master of Fine Arts, Honors

Academy of Art University, San Francisco 


 "My rewards are everywhere . . . when I walk through the studio and view a completed painting that began as a blank canvas, I am thrilled for my student and very proud."


"Artists take many disciplines and wrap them all together. They do research, use math, solve problems and use psychology to consider how their work will affect the audience and set a mood. I love to see students 'get it' and wrap it well."


"I help them break down the process of creation, so it is easier for them to learn. I want the learning process to be fun, and I am their cheerleader all the way."


"One of my most gratifying experiences involved a student I really had to push.  I knew she could be successful and that she had not realized it yet. She is now starting her own graphic design company. I knew she could do it!"


"The Wesleyan culture is very nurturing, and faculty are very engaged with our students. I am so appreciative that Wesleyan gave me a chance to be a part of the Wesleyan Way."


Our students help companies with:






Menu lettering


Call Professor Logsdon at 270-852-3608 for more information.


Meet Tom Keith
Vice President of Advancement
Joined Wesleyan on Feb. 3, 2015


Tom Keith   


Hometown: Louisville



B.S. in Accounting, University of Tennessee - Knoxville

Dual master's degrees in business administration and education, University of Louisville



* Lettered in basketball and baseball in high school

* Oldest of three children

* First member of the family to graduate from college

* Has worked in university advancement for 14 years, the first 10 in athletics at Western Kentucky University, University of Louisville and Saint Louis University

* Wife, Kendra; children, Logan (8) and Elizabeth (7)

* Mom is a 32-year breast cancer survivor

* Hobbies include sports, travel and cooking 


First Job

"Aside from mowing neighborhood lawns, I worked at Wendy's during my junior year of high school. First full-time job after college was as a recruiter for a financial staffing firm. That did not last long. "


Someone I admire I've not met:

"Love him or hate him, I've always admired Bobby Knight."


What attracted me to Wesleyan:

"Bart Darrell and the opportunity to come back to Kentucky and work for a great institution."


My first impressions of Owensboro:

"We love it. Big-city amenities with a small-town feel. Love the riverfront. Hope to be here for a long time." 


Best part of the work day: 

"The people - by far. I love meeting folks and could talk all day."


Best part of the weekend:

"Family Time."


Favorite vacation destination:

"Any place with a beach."


Favorite TV show:

"Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives."


Favorite Movie:

"I like sports and comedies. 'Major League' is probably my favorite, because it is both."


Favorite Food:

"That is a tough one, because I like to eat. Probably pizza or Mexican."


Favorite flavor of ice cream:

"Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough with Pecans."


Notable quirk:

"I don't own a comb."


Cats or Cards?

"Cards - not even close."


Don't Miss These Great Dates!


Thursday, March 19

Hocker Family Dining Center 

Stanley Reed Speaker Series

"Should We Legalize Recreational Marijuana?"

A Debate Between Dr. Bill Conroy and Daviess Sheriff Keith Cain '84

Be ready with your questions!


Monday, March 23

7 p.m.

Tapscott Chapel

Beavin Speaker Series

"A Religion That Matters and the Four Qualities of an Excellent Life"

The Rev. Dr. Deron S. Newman

Faculty member of Ohio University and Morehead State University

United Methodist minister 


7 p.m.

Rogers Hall

Ryan Speaker Series

"An Update from Israel: The Israeli Election, ISIS and the Middle East"

Benjamin Pogrund

A resident of Jerusalem and long-time journalist in South Africa