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  "Keys To The Divine Treasury" - The Early Sufis

Gnosis has evolved through Sufism over the past 900 years, and yet the teaching and practice of the original Sufi masters are just as illuminating, if not more so, today as they were when first uttered. Truly they are timeless! Furthermore they blossom as streams of consciousness through all succeeding Sufi teaching including that given by Hazrat Inayat Khan. This on-line course offered by Himayat Inayati is an introductory exploration of core spiritual teaching and practice offered by some of the earliest known teachers of Sufism:  Dhul-Nun al-Misri, Sahl al-Tustari, Abu Yazid al-Bistami, Rabi'a al-'Adawiyya, 'Abd al-Karim al-Qushayri and Junayd of Bagdad.

Dhul-Nun  is considered first to discuss states and stations.  Al-Tustari  is among the first to employ Ta'wil and his commentary on the Divine Covenant deeply informed the Sufi masters who followed him.  Bistami  is considered one of the originators of "passing away" (fana) in mystical union.  Rabia  affirmed divine unity as a way of life and  al-Qushayri  outlined the psychological processes involved with divine intimacy.  Junayd,  the master of Bagdad, extended and refined these teachings and the practices that emerge from them. The lessons and practices of this class will be explored and applied in ways that address concerns of our time and to further your personal process of spiritual growth - and you can enter the class whenever convenient for you!

"Before enrolling in several of Himayat's on-line study classes, I would never have entertained the possibility of "virtual sohbet." My experience in these classes demonstrates just how inaccurate one's preconceptions can be!
Joining with an international community of students, I have embarked upon a deeply rewarding, progressive study of classical Sufi texts with the benefit of Himayat's insightful commentaries and stimulating text and video discussions with classmates from all corners of the globe. Together we have shared spiritual practices that further connect us with one another, illuminate the meanings of our readings, and continue to resonate long after the formal study sessions have been completed. Engaging with the texts in this manner, in the good company of fellow spiritual seekers, is like a play of lights, revealing subtle nuances and understandings which might otherwise remain veiled."
Lakshmi Barta-Norton

Course duration: August 24 - November 9
Registration Ends: August 17, 2016

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