Learn about our two new Sponsors!
High Rise Camera is now closer!
Good day Real SC family!

As a club family, you know Real SC, the oldest competitive soccer club in the area, is also a leader in LOW FEES and offers RESOURCES at all levels! We are excited to announce that our lineup of impressive community business sponsors sees two new additions and therefore more resources for our club and families!

Welcome to Real SC:

-Kids Healthy Foods and
-Eagle Land Surveying!

Please take a couple of minutes to familiarize yourself with these 2 new businesses now supporting our club, and think of them if you need the products and services they offer.

One of our club families puts us in touch with Diane McClelland, who is part of this awesome family business. Their Level 1 sponsorship is helping our club towards buying a state of the art high rise camera to help coaches, parents and players with game analysis!

"Our mission is to provide healthy and tasty foods and beverages to families who care about consistent quality at competitive prices", Diane said.
Kids Healthy Foods are passionate about quality and organic foods and they also emphasize eco-friendly packaging. Read more and subscribe to their newsletter here:

"We hope you and your teams have a great successful year and make a difference in young people’s lives. We look forward to hearing more from you about the progress of your teams" Diana concluded.

Our club has always given importance to the aspect of nutrition, the effect in our players and we even have a dedicated web page with nutrition newsletters.

"Our specific sport nutrition page contains impacting tips that help players to know, for example, what snacks are adequate for soccer and in relation with the timing of their practices and games" said club president, Juanjo Carmona.

For more information about our new sponsor, please check their web site at:

We are very excited about this partnership and about the access to great information our family will have!

We are also super excited about Eagle Land Surveying sponsoring us!

They have been helping us a few seasons already and became official sponsors this season!

Founder and business owner, Jeremy Fielding is very passionate about helping the soccer community and always finds time in his busy schedule to make sure our needed fields fit in the space he has to work with. He also helps our neighbor club MSC in Middleton.

"Our goal at Eagle Land Surveying, LLC. is to provide exceptional Professional Land Surveying services through out the State of Idaho. To help and to be an advocate for our clients through a sometimes difficult process to develop their land by using the latest surveying technology, and attending continuing education classes that help us understand the ever changing environment.", Jeremy Fielding said.

Their work is amazing and saves us so much time.

Before the season starts, "Eagle Land Surveying" marks the vertexes of all fields and key elements in our different academy and competitive locations in the Middleton area and the Boise area using GPS technology so we just have to do the easiest, fastest part which is painting the lines using those key marks.

"It may seem easy to make a rectangle from scratch in an unmarked field. But I know first hand the endless hours, and math knowledge needed to do it right. Eagle Land Surveying saves our volunteers many hours of work each season with its state of the art system" said Real SC President Juanjo Carmona.

They offer a variety of Professional Land Surveying services including commercial and residential developments, topographic survey, boundary survey, lot line adjustments, lot splits, accident scene surveys, construction surveying, ALTA surveys, flood elevation certificates, and they have the capabilities to partner up with other firms for larger projects.

We are very grateful to Jeremy and his dedication to the youth clubs!
STARTS JAN 14th, 2021!

  • I want my kid to play on the second session of Futsal. What do I do?

-If you are currently in a Real team playing futsal, your coach will let you know the next steps soon. The next session of Futsal runs for 6 weeks from Jan 14 to Feb 19, 2021 (games are Thursdays or Fridays).

-If you are a U6-U9 player in our academy, we will send an "interest" survey in the next weeks to see if we can form more futsal teams.

  • How does my kid continue developing skills in winter? Besides the training you may be doing indoors with your team, please check our Club's You Tube Channel and work those videos for 15 minutes every day.

Even if we are not near close Spring soccer season (late fee starts February 1st), doesn't it feel great picturing all kids playing out there? Just when you are ready, our link is ready for you here! Choose your most convenient location!

And we are expanding our program! Welcome Real Caldwell CF!

– Professional Training Program / Age specific curriculum
– Professional Director of Coaching
– Licensed coaches supporting the volunteer parents head coaches
– Pro quality uniforms to the 175 first registrants (you can buy them if you prefer during registration).
– Pro training equipment (coaches)
– Registration Fees
– League Fees
– Club Fees
– Jamboree (mini games, attractions and awards for all players) (if Covid-19 regulations allow)
Not included: Medical Insurance, Socks, Soccer balls, and Shinguards



-More news from the past Fall Outdoor Season. Our U10 Girls team also socked the world with some amazing performances.

-Youth Academy Update (U4-U9) from this last Fall and team pictures from last games! (BTW, Spring Registration is open!)

-Update on the Futsal season! Eleven Real SC teams are participating in the only United States Youth Futsal Sanctioned Futsal league in Idaho! This will include an update on our U11 boys team, which is leading their age bracket and our academy teams in the league.

-Do you have a story about one of our players or teams that you would like to share with us? Contact us at help@realsoccerclub.org

Real SC Hoody collection, Back packs, Warm-ups, and more!

Contact Director of Coaching, Juanjo Carmona at 208-713-8924 or doc@realsoccerclub.org for questions and concerns.

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